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Your Morning Dump… Have you seen this man?


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That hollow, faraway look was back in LeBron James’ eyes.

It hadn’t been seen for a while. In fact it had nearly disappeared for good. James himself had tried to bury it, some said he’d even run from it. Now, though, it has attached itself like a stain to his permanent record. Again, like before, he’s probably going to have to live with it for some time. James has certainly played some bad games during his career, bad big games, too. But this was different. This was an evil outlier.

It wasn’t that James didn’t deliver in a clutch moment. That is excusable. It was that he looked like he didn’t even want to be in the moment. For a player of his stature without an injury, that is highly uncharacteristic.

James seemed to want to be away from the ball at times in the fourth quarter. He took one shot in those final 12 minutes. With the Heat desperately trying to hang on to a lead that was slipping away, James didn’t even touch the ball on almost half of the team’s possessions in the quarter.

ESPN – A new postseason low for LeBron

Unless something was seriously wrong, health-wise, LeBron owes Dwyane an apology. Simple as that.'s Michael Wallace

Celtics fans know that look. We saw it last year in Game 5 vs Cleveland. The "LeBron quit" game.

Even LeBron's most ardent supporters (i.e. John) cannot defend last night's disappearance. And this had nothing to do with "letting the game come to him."

How a player of his caliber can just fade away in a crucial Finals game is mind-blowing. I don't recall it ever happening with Larry, Magic, Michael and Kobe.

It's a shame because the discussion should really be about how Dwyane Wade gagged in the clutch.

In all my years of watching basketball, I've never seen a team dominate and choke like Miami. The pendulum swings so violently for this team.

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  • All of this comes as a C’s fan before anyone accuses me of being a LeBron homer!
    LeBron isn’t shrinking this is such a forced narrative. Ohh he’s not scoring 50 points a game, he isn’t clutch he’s scared of the moment etc.
    That is 5% of the truth, MAX.
    He’s being defended by a great player, and Wade is being defended by a scorer who cant play D. It’s natural James defers to him, as is the rest of the team. This is Wade’s team, why force it for yourself when he’s been there done that and is clearly making the most of his matchup. The Heat are playing fine with LeBron like this, I guarantee if they go down 3-2 next game he’ll score 40 or something nuts. It’s not that he can’t or won’t it’s that at the moment there are just better options.
    There’s only one ball, Wade is getting plays run for him this series because of his matchup, LeBron had it the previous two series. He isn’t shrinking his usage is just reduced due to his matchups.
    I’d argue on Miami there’s room for 2 25ppg scorers and Bosh at 15 (and three or four random guys with 5 or so points each). That’s a huge % of the total score for three guys and anything else is unrealistic, especially in under 100point games like this series has seen.
    Wade is averaging 30ppg, Lebron is at 18 and so is Bosh. If Wade isn’t being used so heavily (and if a couple of Bosh’s points go to James) they’re at 25ppg each, and nobody is complaining. Sacrificing 7ppg a game to Wade who can get them easily over Terry isn’t soft etc, it’s smart.
    I’ve hated LeBron his entire career, but this year after beating us I honestly think he’s made a huge jump and is at the level he should be at.
    He single-handedly dismantled the best team in the league, nobody else in the world could have done that. And he killed it against Chicago. He’s not underachieving by any means.
    Miami are exactly where they should be in this series, and until they NEED him to perform I don’t see a problem with him playing at this level. I have no doubt when they do need it he’ll be there. If not, then start the shrinking/clutch stories.

  • Is he exhausted? Spo plays him 42-46 minutes a night. Or is the pressure of the moment the reason why he looks so tentative? Last night could very well be a one game anomaly, but if he carries over that kind of performance into game 5 then his disappearing act is worth debating. One factor has something to do with him not touching the ball on 8 trips off 20 4th quarter possessions. Still, he’s the best player on earth. He made every clutch shot on us, and even if Miami losses game 5 the three day respite will recharge him, and game 7 is all about adrenalin espcially on your home court.

  • This just further supports my claim yesterday that Lebron forfeited his spot in the basketball pantheon by signing in Miami. As for being tired, oh well. When your team has no depth, you have to play nearly the entire game.

  • “He struggled,” Bosh said, “point blank , period.” Couldn’t care less about the reasons for LBJ’s struggles just glad he did on the biggest stage of all. Go Mavs!