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Fixing the ridiculous flopping in the NBA

Flopping has taken an ugly turn.  Once upon a time, you actually had to get hit by someone to try to sell a foul.  Now, though, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have taken it to a whole new level.  They're flopping without even being touched.  And the worst part is, they're GETTING THE CALLS!!

It's ridiculous.  It's embarrassing to the game and to the officials who keep falling for it.  So I came up with a solution on Crossover Chronicles (along with all he video evidence of the touchless flopping):

1:  Punish the players

The players are purposely deceiving the officials and violating the spirit of the game.  Excessive acts meant to deceive the officials should come with punishment.  Therefore, a fine and a retroactive technical foul should be assessed to the offending player.  If you hit the player in wallet and start tacking on technical fouls that could (if the player reaches seven in the postseason) lead to a suspension, players will think long and hard about acting like they've been punched when no one was within two feet of them.

2: Punish the refs

Let's face it.  These are the most blatant examples of refs calling what they think, not what they see.  And their job is to call what they see.  Referees who blow the whistle and give that call need to be disciplined because they are anticipating plays rather than officiating the game.  Any sort of fine or removal from the playoff officiating rotation (which can really hurt the bank account) will ensure officials go back to doing what they should be doing: observing the game action and looking for infractions of the NBA rule book.  Bottom line: if you don't see the foul happen, you don't blow the whistle.

Those two can be instituted immediately.  I also explain how a fourth official would help (follow the link to read that part), but that would have to wait until next year. 

It's really sad that Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, two of the best players in the world, resort to such cheap tricks.  It's one thing to flop and sell a foul… it's another to pretend someone touched you and flail when no one's even near you.  It's an embarrassment that needs to end now.

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  • Floping makes me sick try that in a pickup game I think not.

  • to stern’s credit he did take a stance on verbal abuse/taunting and ridding that flopping crap definitely doesn’t set the image the nba wants
    lakers are scared shitless

  • My least fave part of the game, followed by the bitching/complaining.

  • Way to stop floping in the NBA? Lockout the bums for about 5 years

  • Its terrible and as a huge basketball fan, i find myself watching less ball because of this. When players drive to the hoop, their fist thought is to draw a foul and not score the basket. Players flop more in the nba then in soccer. I think the nba needs some major rule changes or their gonna lose some of the hardcore fans. Even tough I realize ratings are up this playoffs

  • Mario Effin Chalmers is the absolute worst offender of this. He gets 2-4 free throws every game where he grabs someone’s arm and pulls them down on top of them or he runs into their elbow and is already flopping before he even initiates the contact. I have no doubt LeBitch learned this despicable behavior from that putrid punk.