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Flashback: Doc Rivers is one angry man


This beauty comes from the Sports Illustrated Vault Twitter feed.

Drop your caption suggestions in the comments.

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  • I will outcoach you like you wouldn’t believe!

  • “who wears short-shorts?!”

  • I’m too distracted by how awesome Bob Ryan looks on press row.

  • “Why couldn’t you help us win this year?!”

  • Doc: “Go ahead-get up! I’ll knock the sh*t out of you AND yo’ mullet. Bi*ch.”

  • You kill the joe, you make some mo! That ain’t new, baby!

  • Also: Jeff Fisher hasn’t aged a day.

  • Holy crap, that’s Joey Crawford! I totally missed that the first time I saw this pic…

  • personally i miss the old garden

  • “Joey Crawford has hair, he ain’t gonna give me a tech so don’t think I won’t swing on you right now bird man!”

  • Say What Again? say What one more mother F**king time, I dare you? I double dog dare you!!!!

  • “You think you are too good to coach the Celtics after your career?” – Doc Rivers to Larry Bird

  • “…its all about transition defense!!”

  • hey guys i’m a los angeles sports fan having a discussion with a guy born in boston but was raised in las vegas. just wanted to settle something. since you guys are from boston, rank the sports teams there in terms of how big they are to the city overall not just in 2011 but all time.

  • 1. Red Sox
    2. Celtics
    3. Patriots
    4. Bruins
    I’d say the Patriots were 4th on the list until 2001.

  • I think its more like
    1. Red Sox
    2. Patriots
    3. Celtics
    4. Bruins
    but right now, this minute, its prob
    1. red sox
    2. patriots
    3. bruins
    4. celtics

  • The Patriots were irrelevant for about 30 years. I don’t think the past decade erases all those horrible seasons.

  • paul pierce < tom brady

  • thanks red army just wanted to clarify. this stupid idiot claiming he is a Boston sports fan (he’s from newton) said the celtics arent that big in comparison to the other teams there. Peace see yall in the Finals in 2012.