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Your Morning Dump… LeBron plays an awesome second fiddle


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“I’ve been here before, so just trying to lead,” Wade said. “My guys did a great job of following.”

Wade’s reveling in the notion that he’s no longer playing Robin in these Finals, referring to himself as the captain, as the leader and the star responsible for charting an aggressive path to a Game 3 victory some 24 hours earlier in a Saturday practice.

Perhaps nothing illustrated the dramatic transformations within the dynamic as Wade letting loose with a brief, blasting bark at James late in the fourth for dropping off a pass to Mario Chalmers(notes). Wade wanted James, so reluctant, to take the ball to the rim himself. No one has ever talked to King James like this on the floor, ever challenged him in such public and piercing ways.

This is why they’ve moved within two victories of a championship, and why LeBron James has to bite his lip, absorb the misdirected daggers and accept that Wade’s genius on the offensive end could somehow reshape the narrative of a Heat championship season.

James can’t get angry. He can’t get defensive. He wanted to be part of a cornerstone of the most staggering array of talent that free agency ever brought together, and he’ll have to live with the repercussions of the choice.

Yahoo! – LeBron defers to greatness of Wade

This is the silver lining to a Heat championship. Dwyane Wade elevates to all-world status, while LeBron slithers into the back seat.

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has repeatedly blasted James for his immaturity and ego, but the gentle references in this column are the best of all. If the other columns were punches to the face, this was a snickering pat on the head.

In the postgame, James told the media to rewatch the game and they'll find his contributions. You think Larry,  Magic an Michael ever had to say that?

Sure… I'd love to see the Heat lose and LeBron be the goat. But a win under these circumstances is going to kill his ego.

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  • I love all you LeBron haters. You’re talking like LeBron is having a bad series. You must have forgot Game 1. And where was Wade’s leadership in the Game 2 meltdown? And please stop the comparisons to Jordan, Magic, Bird. They weren’t surrounded by scrubs like LeBron was in Cleveland. They all would’ve left to if they didn’t have talent around them. If LeBron had players like McHale, Parish, DJ with him in Cleveland, he would’ve won.

  • LeBron wants to be considered the G.O.A.T. yet its clear to see he’s riding Wade’s jock to a title. He’ll never shake that stigma. Jordan’s legacy remains safe.

  • Last I checked, it takes talent to win 60+ games during the regular season. Why is it when LeBron lies down like a dog vs the Celtics… his teammates get the blame?

  • This article link below is exactly what I’m talking about. What a joke of a columnist Gregg Doyel is. “Maybe LeBron James isn’t a superstar.” Doyel should lose his job for that statement. He mentions Wade’s stats in the Finals (29 ppg, 8.7 rpg and 5.0 assists) and says those are “Superstar numbers.” Of course he never actually says LeBron’s stat line in the Finals (20.3 ppg 6.6 rpg 6 apg). Those aren’t Superstar numbers? I don’t see many average NBA players putting up those numbers in the Finals? And his point about whining to the refs about calls on both ends of the floor? Again, another ridiculous statement. Show me an NBA player who doesn’t whine about calls.

  • Arrogant, egotistical, dishonest, contemptuous, ungrateful, shameless, classless, spoiled, obnoxious, disrespectful, selfish, condescending, and all-around unlikeable.
    You can have him.
    They brought him Shaq, Jemario Moon, Jamison, Mo Williams, Anthony Parkern and D-West. The had Z, Raggedy Andy, JJ Hickson, and Boobie. LeBitch just *had* to be the man at the end of every game and didn’t trust his teammates and soon they didn’t trust him either.

  • Um… sacrificing one assist per game for 9 more points and 2 more rebounds DOES amount to superstar numbers. Should Lebron go on to win Finals MVP (or co-MVP) then he’s lived up to his potential this year. If not the argument can and should be made that he’s a dominating complimentary piece to Wade’s team. And should that happen over the course of his career he should be renamed Prince (of Thieves) James.