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Your Morning Dump… Blatant speculation about Josh Smith

Bulls_Hawks_Basketball.JPEG1 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

For seven seasons, Josh Smith has shown us that he can be the best player on the floor. For seven seasons, he has shown us that he can be the worst player on the floor. The fact these opposites often appear in the same game is what makes him so maddening.

This is why after seven seasons, it’s time to say goodbye.

Here’s the problem: Smith clearly is getting fed up as the Hawks’ player who’s constantly being duct-taped to a post in the middle of the town square.

I spoke to him the day following one bad shooting performance in the playoffs and he said, “I know sometimes I take shots I shouldn’t. But I’m not the only one in here who takes bad shots. I just get talked about more than anybody else.”

If the Hawks decide to test the trade market on the enigmatic Josh Smith, there will be a bunch of teams willing to take a gamble. He’s only 25 years old (I would have bet he was closer to 30). His contract has two remaining years and is worth $25 million. His potential is worth the risk.

Imagine if Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers had the chance to mold Smith’s young mind. He’d be a great bridge as the Cs transition out of the Garnett era. I can picture Smith blocking shots and filling the lane for Rajon Rondo.

Could the Celtics swing a deal for Smith? I don’t know. Ray Allen, Jeff Green and Glen Davis (sign-and-trade) could be of interest to Atlanta, although the AJC article stats they’d be looking for a true center in return.

Am I crazy for wanting Josh Smith in a Celtics uniform?

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  • yea you are crazy!

  • seconded. You’re crazy. Josh Smith is worth no where NEAR baby, ray, and jeff green

  • It’s not crazy to think about Smith in a green uniform. He’s a terror defensively and that shot selection would become more disciplined with mentoring from KG and Doc. Coming off the bench a playing 30+ minutes a night would be a glove fit for RR in transition.
    So the Hawks are locked into a bad Marvin Williams contract and the immovable JJ deal. No doubt they’re looking at offers for Smith. They’re set at the 5 with Horford and Teague/Hinirich are a fine duo for next year.
    Are there any PF’s they could trade str.up and get equal value? D. Lee and Scola (a bit cheaper) come to mind, but Bynum, Alridge, Zebo, Boozer and Bosh are out of the question.
    In a heartbeat I’d trade this years #1 with a combo (S/T) using Kristic, Davis or Green. All they can say is no.

  • I co-sign. It will help with Rondo needing a best friend, plus I would love an athletic lineup of JSmooth, Green, Rondo. It will be interesting to see which players become available and what Danny tries to do.

  • jeff green is terrible.. his foot work sux, sloppy hands, and lacks confidence/experience

  • i think trading for josh smith makes a lot of sense! Him and Rondo played together in high school! I can see him on the receiving end of many lobs. The Hawks would want jeff green and maybe baby or kristic. That would be a great trade in my mind. Smith is more aggressive than Green and can be molded by the verterans in Boston to be better with his shot selection and overall game. i like it!
    The mentioned trade of green, baby and Ray is way too much to give. Unless they sign and trade jamal crawford to us, but still i would rather keep Ray. Baby and Jeff green is enough to get Smith.

  • The same reasons why Atlanta would trade Smith are the reasons i wouldn’t want him. He is inconsistent, doesn’t really have a position, immature etc.
    I just don’t see how trading green and baby for smith improves this team. Especially offensively where other than monster dunks smith look like he is borderline retarded

  • Ricky Davis 2.0
    I’ll pass…

  • knee jerk is no. Then I wonder how he’d play in the playoffs, if he could get worked by KG for a year… And the Rondo high-school connection makes it even more interesting.
    Still a ‘no’, unless DA and Doc feel like he will play by Doc’s rules.

  • No thanks. Winning a dunk contest and being an athlete with no fundamentals is not what we need in the post KG era. Jeff Green is the superior player already and is humble enough to fit in in Boston. Josh Smith is awful for this team AND town.

  • I was not suggesting trading all 3 for Smith.