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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays (#10 Seed vs #55 Seed)

As the NBA Finals resumes later on tonight, we resume our own tournament here at  The Celtics and Knicks battled several times this season in thrilling fashion during the playoffs and the regular season.  Our 10th seed takes us back to March at MSG where Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett earned several Tommy Points while showing us all what being a Celtic is all about.

Matching up against that spectacular effort is another crisp fast break that was executed out in the Bay Area by Rondo and Paul Pierce.  Previously we saw a fast break where the ball never touched the floor, and this time Pierce caps it off with one of his many signature slams this season, this time at the hands of Ekpe Udoh and Reggie Williams.

Seed # 10: Rondo and KG Earning Tommy Points -  Glen Davis scrambles underneath the hoop for the ball and kicks it out to Ray Allen who misfires on a baseline three.  It seems like a typical long rebound heading out of bounds with Amare Stoudemire making a weak effort to the ball.  Rondo comes out of nowhere and outruns Amare, firing the ball off of Stoudemire and keeping the possession for the C's.

Next, as Chauncey Billups tries a routine bounce pass off a screen and roll with Amare, it goes off Rondo's foot and heads towards the back court where KG and Amare both dive for the ball, and KG is able to tie up the ball with Amare and force a jump ball.  Great hustle plays by both Rondo and KG.


Seed # 55: Rondo and Pierce Just Golden against the Warriors – KG grabs the rebound off the missed three and delivers a perfect outlet pass to Rondo who is already in 5th gear out on the break.  Rondo then spots a streaking Pierce on the 2 on 1 break, and P slams it home over Reggie Williams and Ekpe Udoh.  (Note: Ray Allen's Absurd three took nearly 86% of the vote in the previous matchup to move on).



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