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Will Shaq come back? “Probably not”

RedsArmyAdmin June 3, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Will Shaq come back? “Probably not”

Our boy Sherrod Blakely talked to Shaq after his retirement news conference/party and asked the question we're all asking. 

Will you come back?

"Probably not."

 That's enough wiggle room for me.  Just for safe measure, Sherrod talked to an "Eastern Conference executive.

"I don't think he'll be like Brett Favre and go back and forth, over and over again," said one Eastern Conference executive on Friday. "But if he does have some kind of surgery and he's feeling pretty good and maybe most important, the Celtics need another big man, I think the expectation becomes that at the very least, both him and the Celtics would think about trying to make it work."

I know people are afraid Shaq will become the new "Is Sheed coming back?"…. the question asked of every C's writer at least 5 times a day.  But I still expect it to happen.  And when you look at Bodog.com's odds about Shaq's future… I'm not the only one.

What will Shaq do next in 2011?

Partake in a MMA match                       2/3
Act in a Major Motion Picture                 2/1
Play another game in the NBA               5/1
Put out an album                                  10/1
Get a job as a Cop                                10/1

Will Shaq play a game in the 2011-12 NBA Season?

Yes                              5/1 

Who will retire Shaq's number first?

Miami Heat                     -300
Orlando Magic               +200 

Who will hire Shaq first in 2011?

TNT                               -300
ESPN                           +200

I'll take 5-1 that Shaq's back.

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