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Doc’s taking notes during the Finals

Doc was on ESPN Radio in New York yesterday (before Game 2) talking to Mike Lupica… and among the topics was the Miami Heat… and how Doc is scouting them while watching the Finals on TV.

What’s it like coming off a long season with championship aspirations and not winning it all? Are you itching for a chance to get revenge back on the Heat? What do you have to do in order to retool and beat them?

“Yeah I’m looking at it completely that way. I wish I could look at it the other way and enjoy, but I can honestly tell you last night I was sitting in front of the TV in my office with a notepad, taking notes like you would do in the middle of a season. You’re scouting the game and that’s because the Heat may win or may not win, but the Heat are who we are going to have to get through in order to get to the NBA Finals. You’re watching them every second that you can. This is the best you are going to see them. This is probably the best time to scout them as well.”

Do you believe the Heat are a superpower that cannot be beaten?

“No you can beat them, but you have to beat them and you have to play right and you have to have the right pieces. There’s no superpowers that cannot be beaten in our league, but you have to put the right formula and right team together. I can guarantee you we are looking to do that.”

The right pieces have to include a 100% healthy point guard, I assume.  It will be interesting to see what pieces the C's do put together with Miami in mind.  I'm sure they're looking for some kind of defensive wing player off the bench.  

I think Doc's notepad from last night read "Get Dirk Nowitzki".  If you missed the ending (like Chuck)… here's the game winner:

You can go here to hear the whole Doc interview (starts 12:00 in).

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  • 4th quarter TV Land Lingo: ‘Two and Half Men’ was preempted by ‘Dallas’.

  • The thing that’s really disturbing is this whole idea, which began with Danny’s Folly, that we should abandon our game and adapt ourselves to the Heat. That’s not how winners think. That’s how losers think.
    Our game next year should revolve around Rondo. The Heat have no one like Rondo, so it should be plenty obvious that we should NOT model ourselves on the Heat.
    Doc should have taken a clue from what Wade did to Rondo. The Heat get it that Rondo’s game is a threat to them. They undoubtedly recognize that if we were smart, and really wanted to win, we’d build our game around Rondo. Unfortunately, we are too worried about imitating the Heat to get it.

  • I love everything about this post because I have been a huge Doc supporter since 2006 (yes even when they stunk) so awesome quotes by the man.
    Second, Chris Bosh plays probably the worst defense anyone ever has, why try hand checking dirk? Use your body to move him. Dirk shows the ball for a split second caushing Bosh to put his hands up as Dirk goes right around him. Awesome stuff.
    Lastly, that is the scariest German I have seen since the 1940’s, esp. after the game where everyone is hitting him in the chest, i would have been scared of his post game press conference.

  • wyc danny, and doc are some of the best in this business. signing doc immediately to a long-term contract is win/win. now they need to make several power moves (not lateral) to solidify their futures success.. .. that may include a “bridge year”.
    the heat shouldn’t scare the c’s. unless bosh is unloaded, their team payroll is screwed for yrs. no bench/depth or pg. its the other upcoming teams with payroll room that are the ones to watch-out for.

  • What made that play was the spacing and JT’s presence in the corner. Lebron didn’t cheat on him fast enough to make a play on Dirk. D. Wade was very lazy reacting and for some reason it appeared he was too concerned with Chandler on the baseline. One of the few instances where the Heat defenders couldn’t trap the ball and force a bad pass or shot, but this is Dirk we’re talking about.

  • i disagree 110%… Heat are scary because they will always find new guys to fill their bench for MLE or league minimums. As long as they have the two best players, they will be a force. What hurts them is signing Mike Miller for too much.
    As for your payroll comment, no one has payroll room… those who do need to lock their stars and there arent any big FA names coming anytime soon (except Dwight)

  • lol. escalating salaries will kill the heat. check the faq’s: this yrs payroll 67M with next yrs committed salaries of 10 players @ 65.5M w/o juwan howard, dampier, magloir, arroyo, james jones, chalmers, bibby, stackhouse, big z, eddie house
    basically they have room for 1 MLE and their draft picks.. unloading bosh makes the most sense

  • Funny because everyone you named that is leaving are under veteran minimums… which is the most they can spend after they use their MLE of 5.6 million… They will be fine. Talking of unloading Chris Bosh right now while they are 3 wins away from a ring is pretty silly. If it doesn’t work out for them, then I can see them looking to make moves.
    As well as trading mike millers 5.4 million. Their worst enemy will be the new CBA, if it is a hard cap and requires them to go below that number

  • Yeah, Doc’s notepad had “get Dirk, CP3 and Superman” on it (at least I hope..)!!!