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The C’s actually worked out the football player

Matt_O'Donnell_Headshot0612 A couple of days ago, I rather flippantly dismissed the C's interest in new drafted Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive tackle Matt O'Donnell saying 

I'd bet Chuck's left nut that this kid never crosses the border, much less gets a tryout or any kind of significant attention from the C's.

Part of me is actually wondering if he is getting too deep in the "My Player" mode of NBA 2K11.  I get it.  Right now I'm the starting swingman for the Spurs and leading the league with 32 points per game.  But I'm pretty sure that's not going to get me a call from Gregg Popovich this summer.  I'm thinking ol' Fatty Matty (my nickname for him if he ever does show up) is tearing it up for the virtual C's and is getting a little too carried away with the fantasy.  Chuck better hope so too… because I think by blogging it, his left nut is contractually obligated to be amputated if this kid gets a tryout.

Well… whip it out, Chuck and say goodbye to ol' lefty… because Fatty Matty worked out yesterday.

At his size and level of experience — he played intramural basketball at Queen's University but had not played organized basketball since high school — Ainge and the C's had no idea what to expect when they brought him in with a number of other big men hopefuls.

Most of the players the Celtics brought in for Wednesday workouts, such as Justin Harper of Richmond and Lavoy Allen of Temple, are big men who can stretch the floor with their shooting.

O'Donnell doesn't stretch the floor. He'll pound you into it.
"He was definitely the surprise of the workout," Ainge said. "He's big. Really big."

Alright… alright… alright…. I was wrong.  The kid crossed the border and worked out.  But I'm going to give Chuck's marble a reprieve for now.  I'm going double or nothing on his whole sack that this kid will never be back in Boston for another workout. 

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  • Not going to lie, shocked this story has got as far as it has… We all know Fat kids don’t like to play basketball… too much running.

  • I nearly busted a nut reading this post. Here’s the IM transcript from John and I once I read it. A snippet into our maturity.
    me: double or nothing on my whole sack? you are killing me
    john: you gotta feel good about that bet. he’s not getting an invite
    me: fantastic. i need my set
    john: exactly. I figured this is the best way to save your left one
    if we lose this… we’ll go triple or nothing and lay your hog on the line too that he doesn’t make the team

  • Man… we’re not only devastatingly sexy… we’re pretty funny

  • I hear he could be the best center to come out of Canada since Bill Wennington

  • Will he get an invite from the patriots too now? That kid doesn’t look like a basketball player at all. Not another bbd type of players please

  • i smell a dynasty in the making.. lets pair him with tiny gallon and run gamut