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Shaq Announces his Retirement

Shaquille O'Neal used Twitter to announce his retirement and posted a video about it.  After 19 eventful years, and essentially a half of a season with the Boston Celtics, Shaq is done.


Via his Tout page

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  • gas is dropping and so is diesel… this is great news!

  • :\ Tough way to go out for the big fella.

  • Suuuuuucks. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. Ah well, he had a pretty good run playing for other teams, iirc.
    Thank you, Shaq!!! Thank you, Shaq!!! Thank you, Shaq!!!

  • I have that same globe on my desk too!! That is neat. (the blue round thing with the clear stand with the silver plate on it)

  • Good luck to Shaqtus aka Superman aka Big Shamrock aka Big Lawman aka Big Aristople aka the man who gave Paul Pierce the nickname “The Truth”.

  • The changing of the guard….new landscape forming in the NBA. Will miss the Big guy. Hope he can team up with Barkley as TV analyst. Now that would be awesome two some.

  • Dude made this season pretty fun.
    And now he’s saving us a vets minimum salary.
    I hope he stays in MA.

  • A year too late.

  • My favorite part? Making Laker fans feel even shittier about riding him to 3 championships. Retiring as Celtic? Perfect.

  • I remember when he coined that phrase. It happened after we beat them in LA. Think it was that 2001-02 season with PP, Toine’, and Walhter. Toine may have won the game in OT. Would have to look it up.
    Shaq’s retirement means strike two (Sheed!) in two successive years. Blakely tweeted about JO confirming he’ll be back, but please do NOT commit to anymore veterans on the back nine of their careers!

  • Yes-many forget Shaq coined "The Truth". And I agree-Ainge needs to grab a significant, instant impact big man this summer. Don't know how he'll do it, but he better or we're in deep sh*t if/when play resumes. (lockout)

  • Good luck to the Big Fella but i wish he’d drop that “most dominant big-man ever” crap, or at least ad “IN MY ERA” to the end. Definitely one of the best to ever play the position, in my opinion, but I can also think of 4 guys who were just as dominating in their respective primes.

  • truth is we dont feel shitty at all. the key here is that we had 3 championships. yall got his shit years. we’re going to be the team he goes into the HOF with anyways. Boston, where big men go to die. Walton, sheed, shaq…next JO

  • Except in basketball there is no “going into the HOF with.” Players go in as individuals; team or teams played for is irrelevant for induction purposes, since the HOF is for the whole sport and not for one particular league.

  • I don’t think I’d include Walton on that list. His career was dead before he came to Boston. They signed him and he became a major piece for what many consider to be the greatest team ever before the injuries caught up and finished him the following year.
    You’re right. laker fans shouldn’t feel shitty. You got the most out of him. We got nothing. I don’t understand the logic behind that comment.