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What is the Celtics obsession with big fat guys?

Matt_O'Donnell_Headshot0612 Once upon a time, the Celtics flirted with bringing in Michael Sweetney… a gigantic individual who ate himself out of the league.  And there was Thomas Hamilton back in '95-'96, a guy so big he could have used his social security number as his jersey number.  

And now there might be…

Saskatchewan Roughriders Offensive Tackle
 Matt O'Donnell?

According to the Montreal Gazette (via Chris Forsberg)… maybe.

"The negotiations with Matt have been all over the map,'' Riders general manager Brendan Taman said Monday. "Whether or not he arrives on time remains to be seen.''

It's believed that O'Donnell has not signed because there has been some interest in the Canadian offensive tackle by the NBA's Boston Celtics. O'Donnell, who is listed at 340 pounds, hasn't played basketball since
high school. O'Donnell and Hardaway could not be reached for comment Monday.

Taman had heard about the possible interest in 


O'Donnell by the Celtics, but that was the extent of it.

First: I have no idea how the hell the Celtics even HEARD of a guy playng offensive tackle in football who hadn't play basketball since high school.  

I mean, I know NBA scouts are thorough… but that's nuts. 

Second:  What's this kid… 12?  

Third: Aside from this being a funny thing that may involved the Celtics, I'd bet Chuck's left nut that this kid never crosses the border, much less gets a tryout or any kind of significant attention from the C's.

Part of me is actually wondering if he is getting too deep in the "My Player" mode of NBA 2K11.  I get it.  Right now I'm the starting swingman for the Spurs and leading the league with 32 points per game.  But I'm pretty sure that's not going to get me a call from Gregg Popovich this summer.  I'm thinking ol' Fatty Matty (my nickname for him if he ever does show up) is tearing it up for the virtual C's and is getting a little too carried away with the fantasy.  Chuck better hope so too… because I think by blogging it, his left nut is contractually obligated to be amputated if this kid gets a tryout.

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  • Your testicle joke would be funny… if not for the great unicycle mishap of 94.
    It was a hot summer in P-town. I was riding my unicycle on the cobblestone streets when I noticed the seat coming lose…

  • you ride a lot of stuff in PTown, huh? first it was getting busted on that scooter….. now a unicycle.

  • All-kidding aside, at first glance, this kid looks like Chuck on the juice.

  • Just shows you the lack of talent out there…

  • pls danny, trade the pick and rehire clifford ray to work on tiny gallon