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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays (#5 Seed vs #60 Seed)

Welcome back from the extended Memorial Day weekend.  The GreenLight Madness tournament continues today, the day of the Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  While it completely makes Celtics fans feel like they're missing out this year, we'll keep this tournament going long after the real Finals have been completed.

Many times we've seen KG beat himself by smashing his head against the stanchion, whacking the ball across his head, or pound his chest to get himself fired up.  Last rounds voting was no different (ok slightly different) as KG defeated himself.  His defense in Game 2 against the New York Knicks destroyed his fast break two-handed slam against his old team in Minnesota.

The #5 seeded play was a personal favorite of mine, even though it lacked a lot of what you'd normally find in a top play.  After getting taken down by Dwyane Wade and having his arm removed from normal musculoskeletal structure, Rajon Rondo returned and led the Celtics to their only victory against the Heat.  This play he steals the ball with his injured arm, then sort of slams it home.  Again, given the circumstances it was an inspiring and amazing play.  Unfortunately it was also a huge factor in the C's downfall.

The #60 seed also involves Rondo, this time tossing up an alley-oop to KG out in LA against the Clippers.  It was a weird time for the C's as they were playing their first game since trading Perk, and LA had a solid lead on them.  The C's made a nice comeback to defeat the Clippers and this was the best play from that game.

Seed #5: Rondo Steals and Dunks After Elbow Injury


Seed #60: Rondo to KG Alley-Oop Clips LA



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  • Hey, i have a huge question. You are finding all of these videos would you be able to find this one for me. It is when the C’s played the Magic and Hedo Turkoglu fouled KG really hard and rondo quickly ran over there and looked KG in the eyes and KG walked off with his arm around Rondo looking in the eyes…instead of getting up and going toward the guy possibly getting a technical. It said the video is private but since you are finding all of these videos maybe you could find this one. Thanks soo much if you can..comment back whether you found it or not.

  • Well technically I’m not “finding” all of these videos. They were never lost. Let’s put it this way: The NBA doesn’t appreciate them nearly as much as all of you do. If you would like a link to a private video, send me your youtube username and I can share it with you.

  • Okay thanks for replying. Where do i send my youtube username too? Cause i have some videos that i would like.

  • Go to my youtube channel (mrtripledouble10) and send me a PM, I usually reply to those the quickest.

  • Alright..i just sent you a message. Thanks!!!