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Celtics about to work out a bunch of guys you don’t know

The Herald has the word on another round of workouts in Waltham tomorrow

Tomorrow’s workouts will showcase big men, including Jamie Skeen (Virginia Commonwealth), John Leuer (Wisconsin), Frank Hassell (Old Dominion), Lavoy Allen (Temple), Justin Harper (Richmond) and Keith Benson (Oakland University).

The Celtics will bring in another group on June 6, including big men Terrence Jennings (Louisville) and Vernon Macklin (Florida), and guards Kevin Anderson (Richmond) and Demontez Stitt (Clemson).

I don't know these guys either.  And as Danny says in the link, the guys you might know won't show up because they think they're going higher than 25. 

Of course they do.  Everyone thinks they're lottery pick material.  No one can admit they're a borderline NBA guy who might have to play on 4 different continents before getting a real shot in this league.  At least not until they're selling insurance back in their home town with a few pictures of themselves from a couple of summer league games. 

"Oh… you played for the Celtics?"
"Yeah… well… sorta.  Just a tryout and summer league. Never really made the team."
"Oh… still cool though.  Hey, Bill wants you in his office at 2pm.  We're updating our systems and you've got to get trained.  And he also said something about not meeting your quota this month."
"oh…. ok…. thanks"

Yep… livin' the dream my friends… livin' the dream. 

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  • I don’t ask for much, but please please please let Demontez Stitt end up a Celtic.

  • Jon Leuer was the man at Wisconsin…not totally unknown. Not really a top prospect, but still a talent from a major conference.

  • Yeah, and LaVoy Allen was the man at Temple. Temple is obviously not Wisconsin, but LaVoy had some flashes of greatness. It’d be cool to see him in green.