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Your Morning Dump… Why the Celtics traded Semih


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Apparently, the Celtics traded Semih Erden to Cleveland because they felt he would return to Europe anyway out of homesickness. The Cavaliers have yet to see what they have in Erden because of shoulder and groin surgeries and a lack of conditioning. The Celtics relayed to Cleveland that Erden needed shoulder surgery, but the groin issue is new. Erden played in just four games after being acquired from the Celtics Feb. 24.


We all wondered why the Celtics shipped a young, semi-athletic big man who played fairly well in small spurts for a 2nd round pick. Now we have our answer. 

You can't underestimate the culture shock these young foreign players experience.

The anonymous NBA star dubbed Player X by ESPN Magazine (the guy who called KG a punk coward) says some NBA stars will jump to Europe should there be a full-season lockout. Player X also says some guys will stay there:

This particular "Player X" article is written by an NBA star, who hypothesizes that if a lockout occurs in the NBA, then "at least 15% of the NBA will be playing be playing somewhere else if we call of the season."*  But what this player states next is the sentence that jumps off the page.  He claims that "some will stay there."*  Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are just two of several NBA players who have already stated they would seriously consider going overseas to play if a lockout occurs.  As discussed in this article, the NBA community and its fans are already starting to witness a new trend of former NBA players making a move to overseas teams, with highly publicized examples of Stephon Marbury and Allen Iverson.

I'm not buying this for one second. Even if the money is good, these guys will miss the media and adulation unparalled in the US.

Marbury and Iverson are horrible examples. Did either last one season?

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(h/t to Celtics Town for unearthing the Semih nugget)

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  • Is it homesickness or European softness that’s making Semih return to Turkey?

  • Jp

    I hope Semih finds a place in the NBA. Sure he’s not a top 5 center in the league (though is there a clear cut top five centers in the league?) but I really liked watching him play, see him hustle and see him improve. I think he would be an asset for any team.

  • the new CBA has owners proposing a 20% decrease to all current player contracts. that doesn’t even seem legal. for sure foreign teams must be salivating to offer high school/college kids with more money. and with the looming lock-out i could see mid-level players defecting for more money and playtime. lets keep in perspective these players have care-free attitudes of “wanting to try something new”.

  • that’s a terrible reason

  • That Player X Article is completely ghostwritten, just like SI’s alleged “An Opposing Team’s Scout’s view” in their preview issues. All fake.

  • Someone like Kobe could pull it off, because he could pay his own way. Maybe more bubble players will have no option but to go over there. No way I see players with a legitimate shot at a decent NBA contract taking buses, trains, playing w/o a training staff, etc.

  • European contracts don’t work the same as in the US. They aren’t guaranteed in that they can cut you without paying the remaining money in full or negotiating a buyout.
    They also aren’t guaranteed in that teams will sometimes just not pay players and/or not pay them what they were supposed to, and then the only recourse a player has is to go to court(or forget about the money).
    I’ve also read that any NBA player who is under contract would have to be cleared by FIBA to play, and they won’t be cleared. So only free agents could sign with a European team if they wanted to. But maybe that’s not true, I haven’t seen anything definitive, just some comments here and there.