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Celtics draft: future and history

With the 2011 NBA Draft about 3 weeks away, much of our focus here at Red's Army.com will start to turn there. Despite the Finals starting-up this Tuesday, many Celtics fans, including myself, have little interest in a Celtics-less series.

So who will the C's take with the 25th pick in this year's draft? Or will they try and use their 1st-round pick as part of a deal? The rumors have already started, and names like Matt Howard, Jamie Skeen and Corey Stokes have been tossed around. Stay with us for all the latest on Celtics NBA Draft news.

Here is a list I found over at ESPN.com with all of the Celtics' 1st-round draft picks since 1957:

2010 19 Avery Bradley    
2008 30 J.R. Giddens
2007 5 Jeff Green
2006 7 Randy Foye
2005 18 Gerald Green
2004 25 Tony Allen
2004 15 Al Jefferson
2004 24 Delonte West
2003 16 Troy Bell
2003 20 Dahntay Jones
2001 11 Kedrick Brown  
2001 21 Joseph Forte
2001 10 Joe Johnson
2000 11 Jerome Moiso
1998 10 Paul Pierce
1997 3 Chauncey Billups
1997 6 Ron Mercer  
1996 6 Antoine Walker
1995 14 Eric Williams
1994 9 Eric Montross
1993 19 Acie Earl
1992 21 Jon Barry
1991 24 Rick Fox
1990 19 Dee Brown  
1989 13 Michael Smith
1988 24 Brian Shaw
1987 22 Reggie Lewis
1986 2 Len Bias
1985 20 Sam Vincent
1984 24 Michael Young
1983 21 Greg Kite
1982 23 Darren Tillis
1981 23 Charles Bradley
1980 3 Kevin McHale
1978 6 Larry Bird
1978 8 Freeman Williams
1977 12 Cedric Maxwell
1976 16 Norman Cook
1975 17 Tom Boswell
1974 17 Glenn McDonald
1973 17 Steve Downing
1972 10 Paul Westphal
1971 10 Clarence Glover
1970 4 Dave Cowens
1969 9 JoJo White
1968 12 Don Chaney
1967 11 Mal Graham
1966 8 Jim Barnett
1965 7 Ollie Johnson
1964 7 Mel Counts
1963 8 Bill Green
1962 7 John Havlicek
1961 9 Gary Phillips
1960 8 Tom Sanders
1959 6 John Richter
1958 8

Ben Swain

1957  8       Sam Jones


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