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Your Morning Dump… A trade rumor that doesn’t impact the Celtics

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Cavaliers are in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons about a three-team trade that would give Cleveland the top two picks of next month's NBA draft.

The Cavaliers would use the picks to select Duke point guard Kyrie Irving and Arizona forward Derrick Williams, the sources said.

In the trade being discussed, Cleveland would absorb Detroit's Richard Hamilton into the $14.6 million trade exception it received in last summer's LeBron James sign-and-trade with Miami, while also receiving the Pistons' No. 8 pick. The Cavaliers would then send that pick, along with their fourth pick, to Minnesota for the Timberwolves' second pick.

Cleveland would then buy Hamilton out of the $25 million remaining in the last two years on his contract, leaving the veteran shooting guard free to sign with another club as a free agent. Chicago would be one of the likeliest destinations.

Sources say, however, that Detroit will not consummate the trade as proposed without receiving players in return. The Pistons no longer view Hamilton's contract as an albatross with a lockout potentially knocking off one of the remaining two years on his deal.

ESPN – Cavs eye trade to add 2nd pick

Finally… a trade rumor to whet our off-season appetite. Too bad this one has little bearing on the Celtics, unless you count the fact that Chicago will be a tougher out if Rip Hamilton is signed.

Is it me… or is there very little on the trade/free-agent speculation front this year? It's possible this is status quo for late May and I haven't noticed because the Celtics have reached the NBA Finals in two of the last four years.

I'm sure the labor situation is impacting the lack of scuttlebutt. Maybe NBA general managers are not even bothering to make phone calls because they know a lockout is near certain.

<<Tangent alert>>

Anytime you a rumor surfaces and the media questions NBA GMs about it… we often hear "Where do you guys come up with this stuff?" as part of their dismissive response. If rumors are often media fabrication, as insinuated by NBA GMs, then why would the mill stop spinning now? I would assume the media would ramp up the "lies" this time of year when only two teams are relevant.

Call me crazy but.. I'm starting to believe most of the rumors are actually leaked by front office personnel.

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  • im starting these new rumors that actually make sense
    1) rubio is traded to the knicks for a 1st round pick
    2) rip is traded mid through the season
    3) kahn trades k love for garnett so he can retire a wolve
    4) ray allen is traded before the deadline

  • You know who I feel sorry for? Marquis Daniels
    He had a shot with dallas at the ring, didn’t get it cuz of the refs.
    As if one fail wasn’t enough, the concussion he suffered in the conference finals courtesy of dwight howard kept him out of the finals (I know he was in the doghosue already at that point, but he could’ve helped spelling pierce off the bench). Game seven must be more soulcrushing.
    After two fails at the ring, he returns to the C’s as a major player off the bench only to get injured once again. Only this time the injury is severe enough to jeopardize his career. I’m happy he could play again. It would suck to end his career with two, maybe three counting this year, tries at the ring and fail.
    On the other hand, he is rich so life is fair.

  • Would be a palatable option for the Cavs to close out perhaps the most devastating chapter in Cleveland sports history. As far RIP signing with us … the answer is empathically NO!

  • Also a very pragmatic maneuver for the Cavs and a thrifty one by the Pistons. Cleveland understands they’re the equivalent of toast in the free agent market. They have one solid asset in Varejao, but not a lot more. Drafting both Irving and Williams puts then on the fast track of rebuilding, and the Pistons are trading a #8 in a subpar draft for a $12.5 million cap exception and RIP’s $25 million contract.

  • Andy Vajinaho is their ‘one solid asset’? That’s pretty sad.

  • I don’t see why Minnesota does this deal. Just to get two Top 10 players in a weak draft? Does Kahn want some more PGs?