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Your Morning Dump… Where the Heat run is more impressive

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

This is how little is going on.  This silly little debate is all we've got this morning. 

I'm going to go with Greg Dickerson on this one.  The Heat run this year, IF they win the title, is a more impressive run than the Celtics championship run.  And that's not a slight to the C's.  It's a compliment. 

Miami was such a mess earlier.  They had losing streaks… there was talk of Spoelstra being fired… they couldn't beat a good team… and they damn well couldn't close out a game.  For them to come together now, get past those problems, and get to the Finals is a little bit of a surprise.  

The Celtics, though, clicked instantly.  They were more mature, hungrier, and more willing to give up parts of their identities for the greater good.  Yes, they struggled in the first couple of rounds in the playoffs… but that didn't last long. 

I suppose you can turn it around and say it was more impressive that they came together and stayed together… but you don't see a lot of in-season turnarounds like Miami's.  And of course… none of this matters if Dallas wins.  Which they will.  In 6 games.  

The rest of the links:

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  • Where is the post eye-balling players on the Rockets McHale is about to give the C’s?

  • McHale’s the coach… not the GM… so I don’t expect anything like that

  • Am I the only one who has stopped watching the rest of this season?
    It would be hard for me not watching the Celtics win it all…
    Man, just when you thought this year was it. The start of the season and how well they were doing, as well as that Knicks sweep… then it just crashes down. Argh.

  • More impressive? Not sure about that.
    Miami beat:
    Rd.1 Philly 4-1 = young, inexperienced team
    Rd.2 Boston 4-1 = aging, defending Eastern Conf. champ who was never the same after midseason trade. Also suffered huge injury to Rondo.
    Rd.3 Chicago 4-1 = beat the MVP, but also beat a young, inexperienced team
    Boston beat:
    Rd.1 Atlanta 4-3 = young, athletic team gave C’s trouble. This is where the argument could start.
    Rd.2 Cleveland 4-3 = Lebron at the peak of his powers. Cleveland was just as good defensively as this current Miami team.
    Rd.3 Detroit 4-2 = Aging, defending Eastern Conf. champ (sound familiar)
    Finals LA 4-2 = beat the MVP, including an all time clinching beatdown.
    So, I would objectively say Miami would be more impressive if they dispatch of Dallas in 6 or less. If not, then I still like Boston’s run.