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Your Morning Dump… The best three minutes of LeBron’s life


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"We don't even know what happened," Wade said. "I'm not going to lie to you and say we do. I can't remember all the plays."

There will be time enough for that. The Heat's furious finish eventually will carve itself into memories. For Wade and James especially, this is one they'll talk about for the rest of their lives. They scored 22 consecutive points for the Heat in the fourth quarter — a number they couldn't believe when they were informed — as they led a 12-point comeback in the final three-plus minutes.

"Man, that was maybe the three best minutes of my life," James said to Wade as they rehashed the finish. "At least so far."

ESPN Daily Dime

I have so many fantastic three minute memories, but let's stick to basketball…

We're familiar with teams flipping the switch heading into the playoffs, but the Heat are now doing it within games.

"Oh we're down 12 with 3 minutes left, no sweat, I got this…" has become LeBron's mentality.

Don't get me wrong, I still depise this team and pray they will lose by any means necessary. But it ain't happening. Lebron is too good. Wade is too good.

Good luck to Dallas. They are about to get hit by a god damn freight train.

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  • Orb

    I hate this, and I totally agree with your post. For all you young ones, this is what the Jordan years felt like for everyone who didn’t live in Chicago. The grudging respect and awe you have to give to a guy/team that you despise with all your being. Ugh.

  • Bombs from downtown again, just like they finished the C’s. These guys are lethal right now.

  • They shot well but If hollinger really wanted to come up with a stat that defines the 2011 NBA playoffs it would be free throw differential in the final 7 minutes of games. Note to Stern: its getting so obvious even my 9 year old nephew asked why the Heat seem to get all of the calls. Lebitch fakes an eye poke and all but draws a flagrent foul. Rose drives the lane and gets slapped more times than a Korean prostitute with nothing but indifference from the refs. As I heard Doc yell to the ref during the heat/celtics series ” He’s good enough, you don’t need to help him out” referring to Wade.
    It’s unfortunate really, Dallas can play their ass off but it won’t matter much. They will get no call after no call for Dirk while wade and lebron camp on the charity stripe for phantom fouls.
    Please retire David Stern, your encouragement of showmanship has turned the NBA into the WWE.

  • Glad someone else is saying it now too. I have been pointing out the DISGUSTING FT discrepancy Miami has been getting in each playoff series. They beat the 76ers at the FT line. They sure as hell best us because of the FT line. And now they beat the Bulls, with the “MVP” Derrick Rose, at the FT line. My only hope is Mark Cuban does what we all expect him to do and talks about the officiating publicly.

  • unfortunatly, Stern will only fuck him harder if he does. Until Wyc, dr. buss, paul allen and the majority of owners say they have had enough of the little troll, stern will continue. Seriously did anyone watching the draft lottery not know exactly what the order was going to be? Unlike alot of others, I’m praying for a long, long , long lockout that so damages Stern, the owners have no choice but to shit can him.

  • just a disgusting game to watch. The Heat are the dirtiest (maybe that’s not the right term, but it will do) basketball team ever. Chalmers in the 4th quarter backs himself under Taj Gibson near the basket and when the ball conveniently comes in that direction he launches himself out of bounds and yells. Refs waive off Gibson’s putback and give Miami free throws. LeBron HGH James does two more complete acting jobs and gets 4 more free throws. Wade kicks Rose on a 3 pointer and gets a bonus free throw. LBJ attempts to use his right arm to throw Deng into a pick set by Anthony and give Deng a foul (didn’t work but it got lebron open). Lebron using the off arm to continually push off defenders every time he has the ball. All a bunch of classless cheating ingrates.

  • Oh, and I left out the 3 Miami players fouling each other on the rebound tapping the ball to Boozer who of course gets called for the foul and the Refs send Miami to the line for yet another 2 free throws…. GEEEZUS EFFFIN KRYST.