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I nominate LeBron for worst flop ever

Sad thing is… he got the call.  

There may be flops just as bad somewhere that I'm forgetting… but is there a worse flop in NBA history?  And by a player as good as LeBron… who shouldn't need to flop.

If I'm an NBA ref and I see that I fell for this crap, I start to not call things based on his reactions.  

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  • thats terrible…
    An interesting question I am wrestling with is if it was the Lakers vs. the Heat in the finals who would you want to win. (Take out that the Lakers would tie the Cs if they won) I think I would still want the Heat to win, but I think this season I can say that Lebron passed Kobe in the player I would most want to see lose. He bitches after almost every call. It is ridiculous. He puts his shoulder down and rams into the chest of the defender like he is Jerome Bettis and the 1 out of every 50 times they call it, he has the most bewildered look on his face.

  • Oh I can think of one flop off the top of my head that makes this look like a foul. It was Robert Horry vs the Jazz. Check it out.
    And then you can basically make a highlight reel of flopping off of Derek Fisher and Manu Ginobili.

  • I think that the Bosh’s flop against the Bulls in RS is even worst. Check it out:
    By the way…GO C’S
    Greetings from Italy