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Bulls blogger ready to ship Noah out of town

Less than 18 hours after the 5 game beatdown at the hands of the Heat, one Chicago Bulls blogger is already calling for a major shake-up:

The playoffs may have exposed what they are: Boozer, while clearly still hurt, only excels against mediocre competition. He doesn’t do well against bona fide talent. We already know he can’t defend, but now he’s been reduced to a one-trick pony on offense who can’t finish around the rim or on pick and roll.

Joakim Noah is essentially a blue-chip offensive rebounder, but he isn’t really the defensive savant that everyone thinks he is. He is not really a shot blocker or a go-up-and-get-it guy like Tyson Chandler or other hustle-minded centers. His offense has been reduced to a gliding left-handed hook. He was supposed to be the biggest advantage for this Bulls team against the Heat, and he turned out to be one of their biggest detriments. Omer Asik took valuable time from Noah as well.  

I have hope for Noah; I don’t for Boozer.

Can they move Noah and Taj for something meaningful (keeping Asik and Boozer) or vice-versa?  Look, if you’re not going to get any offensive production from Noah, then you might as well go with Asik since he protects the rim better, will have an offseason of work and can play the defense that Thibodeau likes.

Something meaningful in this case is Monta Ellis. Derrick Rose and Ellis would be the fastest backcourt in the history of the NBA. Not sure it would work though, both guys need to dominate the ball to be effective, right? And Monta is a slim 6-3 who will have a ton of trouble guarding bigger 2s… especially come playoff time.

I've been pointing out Boozer's deficiencies for years. I always thought he was a soft, front-running fraud. Fortunately for us, he's stuck in Chicago for the next four years.

Trading Noah would be foolish. He's only 26. His offensve will evolve. Plus, you must give Thibs and co. time to tweak the roster and get the players to gel.

What's the deal with bloggers and fans making snap decisions as soon as the season ends? Good thing you don't find that stuff on this site.

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  • I’ll gladly take Noah off their hands…
    Simmons and Bucher had a similar conversation yesterday. Bucher said he thought Joe Johnson was a perfect fit for the Bulls, though if I were looking to make any move with the Hawks I’d be after Josh Smith.
    Anyway, you’re absolutely right. Do not trade Noah.

  • Heard that conversation and completely agree with you. Noah can scrap like mad, and although his mechanics are unorthodox the free throw shooting and set shot are efficient.
    My gosh what a bad contract. They owe Boozer $61m over the next four years. That’s really gonna hurt when it’s time to pay D. Rose. As usual at the end of games Boozer registers more no-shows than the Soparonos crew.

  • Pfff I’ll take Noah, no question. Though it is a stain on his record that he got completely owned by chrissy Bosh

  • That guy is suffering from a bad case of sour grapes. They found out what alot of us suspected, the Bulls still need a second banana. I hope DA can someday sign Taj Gibson, no way they can keep him & Boozey, and Boozer’s not going anywhere with his contract.

  • agreed. hustle guys get you those results. nothing to frown at, they did well and should be ok next year.
    btw noah’s 5yr/60 mill contract starts next year…bwahahah!!

  • I think Joel Anthony, though not a terrific center, has certainly proven a lot of doubters wrong in this postseason. Certainly in the Finals it’ll be said that Dallas has an advantage at center, but I think we’ll see Chandler struggle just as we saw us and Chicago struggle in the low post.

  • But because of Boozer’s continued disappearing act and durability issues it makes Gibson all the more valuable for the Bulls … and his contract is so undervalued. Can’t see him being moved unless he’s a chip in a major deal.

  • How did that Perkins trade work out for you?

  • The other thought going around chi-town is how their team looks like the Cavs of the 90s. Chicago has 6 years of history where they finished out games, now their team looks like it can rack up 50+ win seasons for a long time, but their are true questions if the Chicago Roses can get over the hump without another superstar (dwight howard). Their elimination game choke is not as bad as the Sac vs. rapers, but it’s definitely top 10.

  • I disagree as Chandler is not your classic back to the basket low post defender but rather exactly the type of big man to punish the Miami defense. He will roll to the basket and get a ton of lob pass dunks and he will run the floor and he is one of the best rebounders in the game today. He will also be able to straight up block a lot of drives to the hoop without fouling (hopefully). I wish we had him.