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Perk Thinks Westbrook was Treated Worse than Rondo

You can take Kendrick Perkins out of the Celtics, but you can't take the Celtics out of Perkins.  After being eliminated in 5 games to the Dallas Mavericks, Perk was asked about his new point guard and the criticism he's received.  In a piece written by ESPN's John Hollinger,Perk's response was this:

Perkins went so far to say that Westbrook has taken a lot more heat than his former teammate, Rajon Rondo, did in Boston prior to the Celtics winning a championship.

"One thing I learned," Perkins said, "is I don't watch ESPN, I don't read the papers, I don't do none of that. I don't even talk basketball with my own wife. Seriously. Because it could break up a locker room, it could break a team. I think Russell handled everything well. One thing about Russell, he's great with adversity. He always kept his head high, he never showed any sign of weakness."

"Russell's [been treated] worse than Rondo. Rondo's lasted a little bit, but Russell lasted for the whole playoffs, no matter if he played good or bad, he was getting criticized about something."

So Perk doesn't watch ESPN or read the papers?  He MUST read blogs because that's where Rondo gets routinely and needlessly blasted.  Ok I'm half kidding but it's interesting that Perk would bring up Rondo.  Obviously one reason is because it's the only other point guard he could compare him to in this scenario:  A young point guard being criticized for his decision making during key playoff games.

With Westbrook, it's his penchant for taking too many shots and not passing enough to Kevin Durant or running plays for everyone else.  With Rondo it was pretty much the opposite.  Rondo over-passes, teams play off him because he can't shoot, etc.  Isn't it funny how two very effective and very good point guards are great in different ways, yet seem to get criticized too much for completely different reasons?

In some instances the criticism is warranted and logical.  A lot of times, people go overboard with it and at the end of the day I love having Rondo on the Celtics and if people have so many issues with Westbrook, I'd take him too.


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  • Wasn’t Perk watching ESPN on “The Association” when he got traded?

  • All they do is watch themselves on sportscenter, and I guarantee they all read the sports sections and blogs. Ray Allen prob. reads the rest of the newspaper….

  • Honest question: would you trade Rondo straight up for Westbrook? I think OKC pulls the trigger on this trade, but I’m not sure if Danny does, at least for next season. Maybe in two years when the big three disintegrates.

  • dallas okc match up was watchable. i think russel is not a typical pure point guard like the espn commentators said. but rondo is. you cannot compare rondo. rondo is a true floor general. on a side note. c’s are far more better than dallas or okc in passing. watching celtics pass is so watching an opera. they should hv won the two games against miami. c’s made miami look beatable and dallas will take a look at those videos.

  • Westbrook is miscast as a PG. He so badly wants to be Dwayne Wade.

  • If danny does decide to blow this thing up. Imagine what a KG or Ray Allen like presence along with Rondo would greatly Help OKC,plus there strong Bond with Perk??? I want Rondo to stay a Celtic for Life but with Ainge we will never know!!!

  • Shhhh. That was ESPN camera trickery. No chance any of these guys watch ESPN or read the papers.

  • Don’t tell Perkins what ESPN’s saying about him.
    Or that they’re right.

  • He was probably forced into watching the real time camera feed in his kitchen before he left for Waltham that morning. But come on, all of them have a media room with B-ROLL of their Sportscenter highlights.

  • At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised by any crazy thing Danny did. Really. He’s capable of anything. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

  • I thought so too, that watching other teams made me appreciate how great the Cs were at their best this past season.

  • Right. Except ESPN is the same group that hypes Griffin to death. They don’t understand basketball, just powerdunks.

  • Part of the reason why some folks, like Rondo and Westbrook, get a lot of grief is because people are always looking for scapegoats. Baby probably gets more of that kind of scapegoating grief than any player I’ve seen. But part of the reason sometimes is that people really see the talent, care a lot, want to see improvement and fulfillment of potential. I think Rondo and Westbrook get a lot of that kind of criticism.

  • Perk is doing what a great teammate does. But it doesn’t change the fact that Westbrook cost OKC the series. When you have the best scorer in the NBA on your team, you should NEVER shoot more than him. Durant should be the one shooting 30 times in a game. Next year OKC’s #1 offensive set should be the Pick and Roll with Harden and Durant. Have Westbrook as a decoy.