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Your Morning Dump… The Heat are gonna win it all

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Now, in the revealing light of late May, the Heat's blemishes have faded. Miami looks like a squad with championship-worthy credentials and intangibles. No team left in the playoffs is perfect but the Heat are inching closer to that ideal.

This was the naked truth in the overtime period that may end up being moment when the Bulls' backs were broken in this series. The Heat wailed away on the top seed. The Bulls fought back but couldn't overcome the Heat, a microcosm of the past three games.

James had his drives, contested jumpers and his space-hogging defense on a humbled Rose. James scored 35 points on 26 shots, his least efficient game in the series. Rose had 23 points on 27 shots with seven turnovers, his new reality against this team. He can't get past James easily and he can't shoot over him. When Rose does find space, he always encounters other Heat defenders.

"It's hard where a guy, he's running at top speed, he can easily catch up with you," Rose said. "It's extremely hard where a 6-8 guy can easily defend you."

ESPN – Daily Dime

As long as the Heat are playing stifling defense and getting bench production, they will win the NBA title. It's inevitable.

Spare me the Dirk-is-unstoppable talk. The Mavs haven't seen defense like this since the playoffs started. Dirk will be squeezed in the same vice choking the life out of Derrick Rose. And the Dallas role players will wilt in the same fashion as the Bulls role players.

Does anyone else get the dry heaves watching Chris Bosh pound his chest?

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  • Jp

    Almost like they are following some sort of “blueprint”, eh?

  • it’s official. My hatred for the Miami Heat has far surpassed any previous sports hatred for any team or individual. The Yankees have never brought forth this level of bile into my throat.

  • dannys got a lot of work to catch- all the playoff will be get better and watch for miami dump that over rated bitxh bosh

  • Heat are definitely the chalk vs. Dal. They can at least slow Dirk down by running a 4some of LBJ/Bosh/Haslem/Anthony at him. Wade was held scoreless over 32 minutes and busted out in OT. LBJ making big shots … either guy can flip the switch and close out games. That 13-17 record while trailing after 3 quarters appears to be only a regular season aberration.
    Watching the Finals?
    Rather be water boarded than listen Breen/Action/JVG go organismic, and this will be a lot worse than the adulation for Kobe … WAIT! EVEN WORSE: Bosh raising the L’Obrien trophy at mid court. I CAN’T STAND IT!

  • At least Mike Brown coaching the Lakers will guarantee years of LA losing in the playoffs.

  • Not so fast. Miami is set up to fail in a painful way. Remember, the most comparable and hated team in sports to Miami was the 2007 Patriots (remember vs. Baltimore that year the broadcast booth openly rooting against them?). The Pats finally fell in the end in a gruesome fashion. Miami certainly could lose vs. Dallas.
    Until I see Miami raise the trophy, I’m not giving them any credit.

  • Bosh looks like an anorexic Barney the dinosaur gone bad.

  • and there is no reason to count out the Bulls yet. All they have to do is win at home, duplicate their game 4 effort in Miami (and hit a shot at the end) and go home for game 7. They are in much better shape than we were in down 3-1.

  • Hate to say it, but Thibs looks totally lost on the sideline. When he should be injecting his players with confidence and encouraging better decision making, he seems to be doing the exact opposite.

  • LeBron: ‘The Lakers got them a great coach’:
    Yeah, that sounded sincere.

  • Lebron is a loser always will be.