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Wyc Grousbeck wants to see Miami lose too

Wyc was on WEEI this morning… and he shared some sentiments that I think we can all appreciate:

After the Celtics lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Grousbeck was asked if he is still watching the playoffs. “I am watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,” he said, adding “I’m rooting hard against the Heat.”

As for losing to them in the semis: 

“I thought they outplayed us in the series,” he said. “They had more juice. They had more pop. I can’t really deny that. I would have loved to take that Monday night game in Boston and make it 2-2 and see what happened. I think we might have won the thing. But I don’t really regret with like a huge missed chance. I’m just annoyed we didn’t beat them.”

With all the injuries the C's had, they really didn't have much chance.  You have to be at full strength to beat this Miami team… especially the way its playing right now.  

Wyc also talks about the Perk trade, Doc coming back, and the future of the team.  I'm just happy that (a) a member of the Celtics finally said something and (b) that Wyc shares all our feelings about Miami.  

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  • Ben Rohrbach Tweet: Grousbeck on off season: big sign & trade a possibility, Celtics need more help at 2-3-4 & Oden is on the radar (“How could he not be?”)
    So …
    $8.7m qualifying offer
    Portland way over the cap and stuck in a bad B. Roy contract.
    We would have to offer something like TPE (Quis), Kristic (S/T) and maybe this years #1.

  • Why would 8.7 mil to a completely broken and unhealthy center PLUS giving up assets be a good trade? I’d take Oden for Shaq money until he proves he can actually walk without breaking himself.

  • That's a debate worth having, but Wyc put it out there and NESN has also spread the rumor. I'm trying to figure out how to make the numbers work. I may be in error because I don't believe you can package a TPE with a player. But I think Utah did exactly that last year trading for Jefferson.
    Blazers GM was fired this week, and they do have some long term contract issues. Oden may be expendable and may also need a change of scenery. But one thing is certain, if Portland lets him walk some GM will take the gamble and it won't be for the paltry sum Shaq took home.