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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays

Remember during the all-star break when we brought you the Sweet 16 plays of the first half?  Well this is pretty much the same thing… on steroids.  Perhaps this is the PED problem Derrick Rose was referring to in his recently published interview.  Basically, we fed our previous bracket a heavy cycle of PED's and came up with the top 64 plays from the Celtics' second half of the season, including the playoffs.

The last bracket was put together around the last time the Celtics played the Miami Heat at home in February.  So all of the plays you'll be voting on will be from the New Jersey game through the final disappointing Game 5 in Miami.

While many Celtics fans feel like the C's could still be playing right now if not for a major injury to Rajon Rondo among other things, the C's did have quite a few amazing plays.  I've taken the liberty of reviewing each of those games, digging into the archives, and compiling a monster bracket of 64 plays for all of you to vote on as the best play since the All-star break.

There was no complex formula to determine the rankings.  Essentially I watched each clip several times and factored in a few things:

  • Plays in the playoff games matter more
  • Plays at clutch times in playoff games
  • The "YEAH" factor matters (as in, how many times did you find yourself swinging your fist in the air screaming YEAH as you saw it?)
  • The "HOLY SH**" factor, as in: "Did Ray just DUNK it like that?!?!"

Remember, this is purely for fun so don't take the rankings too seriously because I'm sure I screwed up quite a bit.  But quite honestly they're all awesome CELTICS plays so who cares?  Just vote on whichever one you like the most.  Round 1 begins today so be sure to vote on the poll on the right side of the website where the poll typically is.

If you want to see the full bracket, go HERE.  Keep in mind, you'll only be able to see upcoming matchups without the video just yet.  You'll be able to vote on each matchup, so as KG says "stay tuned."  Keep checking the page for the new brackets or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Matchup: Seed #1 vs Seed #64

Seed 1: Ray Allen's Clutch 3 Against the New York Knicks

Live shot:


Broadcast version:



#64 Seed: Avery Bradley's Jam Session vs NYK


Here is a quick view of the complete bracket:


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