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Your Morning Dump… Joakim Noah catches David Stern’s attention

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"I got caught up," Noah said, looking honestly apologetic. "A fan said something and I said something back. I apologize. I don't know what's going to happen. But I got caught up. I don't mean no disrespect to anybody. I just got caught up."

While he wouldn't say the offending word again in front of the cameras — a wise move — after the initial media gaggle dispersed, Noah quietly repeated what he said to that fan to his locker neighbor Taj Gibson. I witnessed the brief conversation from a few feet away.

It was exactly the word the lip readers surmised, the same one that cost Kobe Bryant $100,000 when he spat it at a referee earlier this season. Noah will pay a fine and the drama over that incident should end.

It's an act that should be taken very seriously. Maybe he should read up on what Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts went through before coming out last week.

ESPN Chicago

David Stern is going to drop the hammer on Joakim Noah. I'm not talking suspension, but there will be a hefty fine.

And I'm expecting some type of off-season edict warning the players about homophobic slurs. Stern has proven he'll take drastic measures (see dress code) to protect the league's image.

I'm more offended the Bulls are allowing Chrissy Bosh to torch them. Come on Thibs…

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  • not a good business move, he just eliminated an possibility of playing for the lakers

  • The same Noah that claims Garnett is a “mean” guy yet acts and plays just like him?

  • HA! beat me to it. At least he didn’t call him ugly right?