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Your Morning Dump… The real story behind that Clippers first round pick

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The Celtics acquired an important first-round pick in the Kendrick Perkins trade with Oklahoma City. The Thunder acquired the pick from the Clippers for the rights to Eric Bledsoe. But it’s not as easy as the Celtics getting a potential lottery pick next season.

The pick is top 10-protected for the next four drafts, meaning the Clippers keep it if it is in the top 10. If it is, and the Clippers use it, then the Celtics get a first-round pick the following season.

If only it were that simple.

Former Celtic Sam Cassell comes into play because of a 2005 trade that sent him and a 2012 first-round pick from Minnesota to the Clippers for Lionel Chalmers and Marko Jaric. Now, if the Clippers finish out of the top 10 and are forced to give their pick to the Celtics, the Celtics would receive the lower of the picks between Minnesota and Los Angeles.

The Clippers are expected to make a playoff run next season, so their pick is likely to be mid-first-round and could serve as a trade chip next month for the Celtics. Because of the potential lockout, draft night could be an opportunity for teams to move veterans for draft picks, because if there is not a new deal by July 1, teams will be prohibited from making transactions.

Expect the Celtics to dangle that pick in a trade for a veteran, or they could keep it and have two first-rounders next year.

The 2012 draft is expected to be star-studded, with players such as Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones, so that first round pick the Celtics own may be valuable. It was astute for the Celtics brass to ask for a 2012 pick rather than a 2011.

Globe – Sunday Basketball Notes

My best guess… Danny Ainge moves the pick this summer in a deal for a veteran.

Great explanation by Gary Washburn. Too bad it took three months to get the full story. Guess we were too busy bemoaning the deal.

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  • The incoming flock is void of potential superstars and has a similar feel to the ’06 draft. As good as Doc was developing the assets Danny stockpiled, he has shown little patience integrating young talent in the Big 3 era. So it makes total sense to trade the pick for a veteran and keep the aforementioned 2012 and Clip’s pick.
    Btw … For those who still believe Perk would have been a difference maker this season, check out Hollinger’s devastating piece …

  • That pick is useless unless traded, and even then another player or 2 needs to be included with it.