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Hollinger: Perkins is killing OKC vs Mavericks

To put a finer point on things, let's replace the word "starters" with "Kendrick Perkins." In his 82 minutes on the court, the Thunder have been outscored by a whopping 32 points. In his 62 minutes on the bench, the advantage has titled nearly as strongly the other way: The Thunder are plus-23.

And those slow starts? They've magically ended at the exact second Perkins departed. Oklahoma City trailed by five in Game 1 before he went out, by nine in Game 2, and by 15 in this one — 29 points worth of deficits to make up the rest of the night. The Thunder overcame it in Game 2 by scoring on nine straight possessions right after Perk went to the bench; in the other two games, the hill was too big to climb.

Of course, this could just be noise. Sometimes plus-minus fluctuates randomly for reasons that have little to do with a player's performance. After watching the three games, however, this isn't one of those cases. For starters, Perkins has made a limited statistical contribution, with only 11 points and 14 rebounds in the three games. His main function seemed to be going out of his way to run into Tyson Chandler off the ball.

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This can't be possible. Kendrick Perkins is a dominant defender, rugged rebounder, paint occupier and vicious screen-setter. A man whose toughness can win a series alone.

My venom is not directed at Perk. It's directed at those who inflated his value in Boston and insisted on blaming the Celtics short-comings on the Trade.

(h/t Perry Manno)

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  • Lex

    Don’t forget.
    We would have won game 7 last year by 33 had perk played.

  • Kind of like how Jeff Green Killed the Celtics with his dumb turnovers and passive play. Lose/lose for both teams I guess.

  • Jp

    It’s just a match up thing. I don’t see any signs of Perk being a lose for the Thunder, it’s just a match up he isn’t suited for. McHale and Bird could never keep up with Worthy, but you wouldn’t say they were losses for the Celtics. (Sorry not comparing Perk to them, just the only example I could come up with this very second)

  • Yeah, Perk’s numbers with the Thunder are going to be different and it is no surprise.
    He had a better Core of guys that he played better with in Boston for one thing and another thing is they don’t have that defensive mindset in OKC to help back him up.
    Perk is the only guy that tries to be tough and the others are mostly all offensive players. Ebaka takes his rebound numbers down as well. More athletic than Perk.
    OKC’s game is focused more around offense and not defense so Perks numbers are and will certainly be different from his already small numbers from Boston.
    It wasn’t like Perk put up huge numbers in Boston either. He fit better there.
    Just like Green fit better in OKC since he is more of an offensive player and like to be free on offense.
    He got eaten up in boston by whoever he gaurded.
    Perk deal should have never went down when you look at it all after the fact. Bad deal.

  • Never would I try to down play the importance of Perk in a Celtic uniform. There’s a lot of truth about overcoming knee surgery and getting back to the level you’re accustomed to. It took KG at least a year, so it does explain why Perk is slow afoot and a statistical disappointment with the OKC starters. But then this problem would have been evident against a mobile, athletic Miami team that plays it’s best using a smaller line up.
    In the regular season Miami was 13-17 trailing after 3 quarters because either LBJ or Wade would try and play hero ball thus gumming up the works. But it didn’t matter in games 4 & 5 because both of them hit all the big perimeter shots. Defensively they are so good at trapping and roaming the lane — forcing turnovers that lead to monster dunks. The way to attack them is with a mobile big like Noah who is a good passer and ball handler receiving the rock off the pick or high post. KG fits that role, but after game 3 became worn down.
    Would Perk or Shaq’s physical play have made a difference? Maybe, but you can make an argument TA would have had a more influence. The question now is will the market determine whether they can find a 30+ minute/night center or will they be forced into another patchwork, center by committee next season?

  • or that the new kid on the block is easy to pick on! Nah, they both are pretty bad

  • Doesn’t score.
    Doesn’t rebound.
    Doesn’t defend the rim.
    Scowls great.
    Fouls a lot.
    Perkins is going to fade away in OKC, the same way he would have faded away in Boston once Garnett – whose presence on the floor made Perkins – retires.
    I gotta run over to CelticsBlog and watch the heads explode over there when they read this.
    Classless, far be it from me to agree with you, but you’re right. This trade didn’t work out for either team.
    But at least Ainge didn’t drop $36 million on nothing.