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Your Morning Dump… Where we’re trying not to repeat history

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Watch that video and tell me you're not getting a "they need to make a trade now" vibe.

That's Comcast Sports Net's look at "The State of the Celtics"… this particular installment focusing on the end of the new Big 3 era and how it compares to the end of the original Big 3 era.  Just listen to some of the quotes.

Cedric Maxwell:  "Red Auerbach said about trading guys… 'you always trade a guy a year too early, you can never trade them a year too late.' "

Sean Grande: "Every team in the NBA is susceptable to that happening if their cap space isn't managed right, if their veterans aren't managed right.  But the Celtics have a guy running their organization, Danny Ainge, who lived through that in the 80's.  And as everyone saw at the trade deadline when he made the move for Jeff Green, he is bound and determined not to let that happen again."

Danny Ainge has said repeatedly that he would have tried to move one of the Big 3 in the late 80's.  Last year, he was open to trading Ray Allen.  Depending on what the new rules bring, don't be shocked if the rumors start to swirl again.  If, let's say, a west coast contender needs a shooter and has some decent young players to part with… Danny might pull the trigger.  

The bottom line here… and this is the vibe I get from all the C's experts in the video… is that Danny is not going to be the guy to send this team down another 20 year tailspin.  He wants Banner 18 under his watch… and he's willing to take whatever heat from C's fans he needs to if an unpopular deal that makes basketball sense comes across his desk. 

For Danny, it's a calculated risk.  If the deal does work out basketball-wise… the fans will forgive you.  

By the way, you can find more of "The State of the Celtics on CSNNE's video page.

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  • Who is trading a worthy young player for one of the Big 3? Who thinks we can actually win banner 18 with decent young players? Let’s face it: gotta trade Rondo for CP3 or Deron, let Ray and KG retire in 2012, sign Dwight.

  • Could you integrate young talent like Anthony Randolph, Wesley Johnson, D. Jordan or T. Spliter into a core unit in its last stage of greatness? Yes, but there’s no substitute for experience. Perhaps they only need a few veteran tweaks and some good luck at the 5 spot. That’s why using the MLE to target guys in their prime … JR. Smith, Dalembert, Crawford or Battier could be a more palatable option. This is what Danny will be grappling with because there is no easy answer. Of the core 4 only Rondo’s contract has immediate value, but it must return a PG in his class.
    RR/Davis (S/T)/2012#1 for CP3/Landry would suffice.
    Then there’s a chance to lure Superman away from LA because they have the key assets (Gasol/Bynum) in a straight up trade.
    But is that even true?
    First, history has taught us the elite centers somehow find their way into a purple and gold uniform, and in all likelihood RR remains a Celtic. Then we must consider the new CBA, max salaries vs. overall % of the teams’ payroll, and of course a hard cap or soft cap. Just for fun let’s pretend their is a 3 year amnesty before any radical changes take effect.
    * 2012-13 Payroll … Cap $58M (off … Allen, Garnett, JO, Shaq, Sheed and any 2011-12 veteran minimum contracts)
    Rondo $11m
    PP $15m
    Green $ 7m
    Davis $ 4m (could be used in a S/T or given a 2 year deal with a player option in the 2nd year)
    Kristic $ 4m (could be used in a S/T or given a 2 year deal with a player option in the 2nd year)
    2011 MLE $6m
    West $2.5m – (biannual)
    Bradley $1.6m – Team Option
    2011 draft choice $1.3m
    2012 rookie cap holds $2m
    * Bos. could be under the cap, around $42m with perhaps another $11m in player/team options. Ergo – they won’t be eligble for an MLE or BA, and there may not even be enough room to sign Howard as a free agent.

  • clearly this team wasn’t strong enough to move on. we’re all for building the next dynasty. and ultimatly that includes unloading KG and ray before next yr’s trade deadline.
    its might be tough to swallow, but danny needs to look above the egos.. for another ring im sure the players would too.
    westbrook, mayo, ellis, and a dozen other elite/troubled players can always be had. during the season there’s always a “situation” (think melo) where a trade needs to happen. the celtics can be players if danny handles with care.

  • I dont see the Celtics making a trade involving the big 3 or rondo this season.. think one thing danny and doc did learn is the value of continuity..also i am not sure many teams are going to want to rent out an aging KG with strict minute restrictions for 21 far as Ray goes..would only fit into certain offenses at this point in his career..and again at age 36 he cant keep it going
    what i expect the celtics do to is sign mid-career vets that can play heavy mins if needed..keep guys not only fresher for the playoffs but also for 4th quarters..if the injury bug has come and gone..the c’s will be in a great position next season to win the division again.
    more teams are going to get geared up next season to play Chicago..they are going to have a bullseye on their back the way the celtics have in the past 3 season..teams might start to take the celtics lightly and they can capitalize..

  • I disagree, and I think Rondo has a bigger chance of being moved than any of the Big 3, because he’s the most valuable trade chip of the group.
    Quite simply, I believe it’s folly to go forward with the four of them together, because Rondo can’t score and the Big 3 can no longer be counted upon to score the ball consistently against athletic opponents. The four of them don’t fit together anymore. If Rondo stays, the Big 3 have to be broken up to keep the franchise advancing. If the Big 3 stay, we have to add a consistent scorer at the point or we’ll have no offense in crunch time against the Heat, Bulls, etc. again.
    Ainge knows that. He was half right with The Trade – Perkins isn’t contributing shit to OKC offensively or defensively. Thank God Ainge didn’t pay him, like the continuing stream of basketball illiterates on the Web are continuing to demand. For Christ’s sake, there are STILL threads conflating this guy while Tyson Chandler turns him into his bitch.
    Ainge didn’t get much back, but at least Green’s a trade chip and we don’t owe him $36 million. Ainge will make some sort of a move with these four.
    Once the lockout ends, I expect something significant to happen. The odds point toward Rondo, but we’ll see.