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Quick Rapture tip: Avoid Chris Kaman

RedsArmyAdmin May 21, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Quick Rapture tip: Avoid Chris Kaman

Some complete nutjobs, zealots, people seem to believe the Rapture will begin today… thus beginning a months long process of The Almighty returning to earth, tapping a few people on the shoulder, and asking them if they want a lift to heaven in his totally bitchin' van that's probably painted like the one in the A-Team.  Or so I hear.  I'm fuzzy on the details. 

So is Chris Kaman… so he's not taking any chances. Tweeting yesterday:

Just incase anything fishy happens tomorrow I bought a few more guns. yfrog.com/h0hoycajyfrog.com/h7molkpj yfrog.com/hstvwqvj

Here's Mr. Kaman with his new Rapture-repelling firearms.

Kaman gun 1

Kaman gun 2
Kaman gun 3

Who the hell is that dude in the green hoodie?  Can he be raptured first?

So our first (and probably only) Rapture tip of the day:  Steer clear of Chris Kaman.  And if you see him, try not to do anything Rapture-y… just in case he's easily spooked. 

One last aside:  What face do you think David Stern made when he saw Kaman's tweet?  I'm guessing somewhere between constipated wince and full on groin-kick.

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