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Jackie Mac thinks KG is going to retire

This one slipped through the cracks yesterday. On WEEI's 'Mutt and Merloni' show, Jackie MacMullen said she thinks Kevin Garnett will retire:

It's just a gut feeling and I could be totally wrong. I'm not basing this on any reporting. 

He knows his clock is ticking and he's very, very aware of it

At the All-Star game he made this comment – 'If this is my last time here…' and I thought, boy, that's odd.

He's a proud, proud guy. I think he took the loss in this series harder than anybody and I'm sure he's taking a good hard look in the mirror and saying, can I be the player I once was, and if I can't be, do I want to keep going like this?

This is all speculation on my part…

I realize this is speculation, but when Jackie MacMullen talks Celtics, I listen.

I hope Jackie is wrong. Dead wrong. Even though his production is slipping, I'd love to see KG stick around for a few more years. His leadership is so valuable. And why can't he develop into a role player for 20 minutes a night?

Garnett is due to earn $21 million in the final year of his contract. Even though he's made upwards of $270 million throughout his career, I cannot imagine him walking away from that much cash.

(h/t to @coug88 and @celticstown)

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  • And don’t forget his blog post from the other day where he talked about going back to the lab to prepare to get better. I guess you could say “What else is he going to say”…but he sure sounded like a motivated guy then. I hope he’s back too.

  • If KG did retire, does his $21 million come off the books for the Celts? Would that give us that much extra to spend on new players? I realize the new CBA will impact this, but, as of now, how does that play out?
    One of the things that I’ve been wondering about, as in “what will Danny do?” in this off season, is will Danny trade one of the big 4 to position the team to win next year. It would suck if KG gets traded to some other team, possibly some scrub team out in the boonies, to help us win next year. I would rather see him retire on his own than have that scenario happen.
    This financial shit gets so complicated, not something I really want to invest much thought time to, I’m a fan of hoops, not a fan of accounting.

  • Absolutely no chance he retires. Way too much $$ to walk away from and he loves the competition and knows he could still get one more ring. I say next year is his last.

  • The All Star comment that this might be ticket’s last year was based on speculation that there may not be a season next year due to a lock out. KG will be back next year (to play out the final year of his contract). After this contract is up, I’d bet he walks away…

  • If a player retires, even for medical reasons, his team does not receive a salary cap exception to acquire a replacement player.
    … From Larry Coon’s NBA salary cap guide.

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  • He’s not retiring yet. Doc’s coming back, he’s still in excellent basketball shape and he can more than contribute. We were an elite team until the trade, and when the NBA does resume, I think our new pieces will have a better fit with the team chemistry.
    I always figured KG to be a great 6th man once it came to that, but maybe he won’t want that role and will bow out gracefully when this contract is over. They should probably start grooming Pierce to be a sixth man before his contract is over as the rebuilding will start during the next full season.

  • Lex

    KG’s game was based on dominating. Beating his chest. Beating you down. How much fun can it be to play the same game at the level he is playing now? In his first game as a C he had 20 boards. Now it takes every ounce of energy he can muster to get 10. The money is good. But it can’t be too much fun.

  • I could see him going out when he’s at least close to the dominating player he once was. I could also see him coming back for 2 more years at 10-12 per year. KG has as much pride as he does money, so it’s not outa the question.