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Cue the speculation: Jamal Crawford?

Jamal_crawford Hoops World drops the name today.

If the mid-level and bi-annual salary exceptions still exist in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the Celtics would be an interesting destination for Crawford.

The Celtics were eliminated in five games by the Miami HEAT in the second round of the playoffs and it was painfully obvious Boston needs depth at guard from the bench if it expects to make another title run with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Boston has prided themselves on playing hardnosed defense as of late and while Crawford isn't the strongest defender in the game his offensive prowess would be enough to offset the gap.

Crawford's an interesting name because he'd instantly become our best bench scorer.  He's be pretty good option to give Ray Allen some extended rest.  


IF the Celtics do bring Jeff Green back like they've been hinting… and IF the CBA allows the mid-level again and Crawford accepts it… then the C's will be trotting out two less-than-stellar defenders out there in an effort to get some guys who can get up and down the floor with Rondo.  

I'm not 100% sure Crawford, who just turned 31, is the best option out there, but he's an intriguing one.  At the very least… he gets off other teams.  He's a freakin' Celtics killer.  Just look at all the big games he's had against us.  Yeah, he's had some stinkers, but he's had plenty of huge nights. 

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  • Just a taller Nate Robinson. Would he buy into the defensive system?

  • AP

    I’d rather see JR Smith in green. Crawford is hit or miss and a terrible defender. On the other hand JR (a head case I agree) is explosive, can rebound and hustles on both sides of the floor. I’d be willing to bet the vets would correct his other issues…

  • This.

  • I would also rather see JR Smith over Jamal Crawford. He’s bigger, more athletic, stronger, and probably more explosive of a scorer. And the potential for him to be a better defender is there. Smith is the perfect candidate for us as he clearly isn’t fitting in with Denver anymore and he needs to improve his stock to get one more decent pay day. Put him out there with Jeff Green, Delonte West, Avery Bradley, and Nenad Krstic and our 2nd unit would never go through scoring droughts ever again.

  • we need a good post player not another shooter

  • AP

    IMHO, we need offense and athleticism. From anywhere on the floor I would say. Specially if they can create for themselves.
    I am also curious about DeAndre Jordan. Those two would be a GREAT upgrade but I am thinking the C’s will have no money for them…

  • Hey legendary Scotsman … if you’re going to give me the choice of JR Smith or Crawford, with a sigh I’m taking youth over age. JR (26) hasn’t showed the mental discipline, but he has the tools to play defense in the Celtic scheme. Statistically he was marginally better than Crawford (31) (16.85 per vs. 15.08) this year. The Hawks won’t be able to do any better than Bos. but offer the MLE since they’re over the cap and are locked into a few bad contracts (JJ/Marvin Williams). JR is certainly expendable. Nuggets have mucho talent in the back court.
    That MLE might be better spent on Battier or T. Prince. But then again there’s ambiguity at the 5 spot. Danny might atone for the Giddens over D. Jordan pick by throwing the MLE at him. Celts ought to consider, but wait out the market on Dalembert. He’s not a post up center, but he is durable, which would be refreshing. I would trade Kristic for Spliter straight up and even throw in a #2. But is he a starting center in this league?
    From my perspective the hole at the 5 may need to be addressed with the MLE, but please sign somebody under 30 years old (Sheed – JO past two years). Celts do have bird rights on Kristic so they won’t overpay to keep him, but he and BB will be S/T options. Still, the major problem over the past two seasons has been their offensive weapons could not create their own shots consistently, and Rondo wasn’t able to fill the vacuum because of his jump shooting short comings. Either JC or JR would address that obvious deficiency.

  • If we spend the full MLE on Crawford, who the f*** are we gonna get to play post?
    Plus signing Crawford means letting Delonte go, No thanks.
    Instead of trying to sign Crawford we should be making a push to sign posts like Dalembert, Oden, Jordan, Landry, or Hayes.

  • How much is the non-soft Gasol gonna want?

  • If we can get JR to buy into the team first mentality and not me first, he would be great, otherwise, his attitude stinks