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Your Morning Dump… It’s a “middle class” draft

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“There’s a chance we could move up. We have to see how it unfolds,” he said. “We’ll definitely explore the possibilities. We have two (first-round) picks next year, so we have something to use if we wanted to move up in this year’s draft. But we could also explore moving out.”

Here’s one bit of optimism for a team picking at No. 25: Though this draft doesn’t have a lot of premier talent, it is said to run deep with players on the next, more utilitarian level.

“The expanding middle class is how I describe it,” Ainge said. “It’s a draft that’s similar to recent drafts, and things seem to be moving in this direction. There’s a lot of decent players.

“There will be good players, but no transcendent players — no LeBron (James), Dwight Howard or Derrick Rose.”

Herald – Weak draft creates options

Ugh – draft talk. Guess I'm still not over the devastating end to our season.

Danny does have a knack for drafting well in the mid-to-late first round (Rondo, Perk, Al Jefferson, Delonte West, Tony Allen), but success is no sure thing (see JR Giddens, Gerald Green).

And let's not forget about Avery Bradley:

“If Avery were in this draft, he would be in the top five,” he said yesterday. “There weren’t 20 guys better than him in that draft. He went at No. 19 because he got hurt.”

ESPN's Chad Ford has posted his mock draft (Insider). He has the Celtics grabbing Jordan Williams, a 6-10 center from Maryland:

Analysis: The Celtics miss Kendrick Perkins, who was drafted (by Memphis) late in the first round of the 2003 draft. Williams could be another potential sleeper. He is big and physical and was one of the best rebounders in college basketball this past season. If he can stay in the sort of shape he displayed in Las Vegas, he could be a steal at this juncture in the draft.

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On Page 2, a bunch of stuff you probably didn't know about the Cs.

“Big Baby's trying to learn to say ‘hello,’ which isn't going too well. He [mispronounces] everything, everything, but he's trying. It's ‘zdravo’ and he's like, ‘jahisdrabo.’ I don't know what he says (laughs). It doesn't even sound close to it. Serbian is actually a pretty hard language to learn.” – Sasha Pavlovic.

“Rondo is the pickiest eater. He's weird about his food and the types of food he eats. He doesn't like cheese on his hamburgers. He just doesn't like certain things. No spaghetti and pancakes for him.” – Glen Davis.

“Kevin [Garnett] likes the green Dial soap. That's it – no other color, just the green. I always get the right one. I usually put it in my phone [to know what it looks like].” – Avery Bradley

CSNNE – What you didn't know about the Celtics

It's hilarious that Avery Bradley is out buying KG's soap.

Be sure to check out the rest – its an enteraining article (albeit in annoying slideshow format) by our friend Jess Camerato.

The rest of the links:

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  • Drafting with Doc means they would impact a couple of years from now right? That said, just bring in more bigs even for practice.

  • the smart move is acting like bill belichick. fleece some lower level team into swapping for next yr’s draft. yeah call me crazy, but i also wouldn’t mind greg oden and caron butler in celtic’s uni’s. returning from injury’s/rehab they’re going to sign short money contracts and one of the 2 will make contributions.

  • I still think Oden will fetch decent money despite his injuries. There is such a lack of big men.

  • Portland might try and deal Miller (team option) in order to make Oden a q/o. Just in case he ever gets it together they wouldn’t want to be second guessed for another generation after selecting Bowie over MJ way back when.

  • I agree with Danny, while there aren’t necessarily stars in this draft, there are valuable role player types to be had in this draft. The problem is because of how weak this particular draft happens to be, some of the more role player types that GM’s usually like to pass on in favor of potential, are moving up and look to be going in the lottery to late teens rather than at the end of the first, or even falling into the second.
    For instance, there are three guys that are clear “fits” for the Celtics in terms of need and style of play:
    -Chris Singleton 6’8 SF/PF Florida State: is a prototypical Danny Ainge type of selection, he is the best defensive player in the draft, can guard shooting guards, small forwards, and power forwards, is a good rebounder and shot blocker, plus he is a good 3 point shooter. Posey-esque, if he fell to 25 i think Danny would love to snatch him up and add another perimeter defender. Problem is he could be gone before the 15th pick let alone the 25th in this draft.
    -Markieff Morris 6’10 PF Kansas: There is one word that automatically comes to mind when you think of Markieff’s game and what he’s all about: tough. He has a little of Perk’s nastiness to him. He doesn’t have the offensive ability to create his own shot, but he is a deadly spot up shooter and has range that extends to the three point line. He is a tough defender and a good rebounded, and definitely fit’s the defense first mentality the Celtics have built themselves on since the arrival of KG. But again, he is presumed to be gone long before the Celtics are on the clock.
    -Kenneth Faried 6’8 PF Morehead State: The one area the Celtics could stand to use the most improvement? Rebounding. Faried specializes in the art of rebounding. Though Faried is undersized, he is a good defender and shot blocker for his size and he is a high energy player, who will bang in the post and outwork his man to death. Reminds me kind of more defensive oriented, less offensively skilled Leon Powe. He is projected to go anywhere from early teens as a lottery pick to the early twenties.
    As I stated before, all of these guys fit the Danny Ainge bill, and there the type of players Danny’s made a living off of drafting, but they simply don’t figure to be there when we pick. There is always hope that one of them fall, but realistically it is not likely. So then Danny would be left with two options, the first, is to trade up, as Danny stated as a possibility. The one thing I don’t see however, is Danny trading next years first rounder to move up in this years draft. It would not only take away a pick next year that looks to have a much better crop than the one this year, it would also take away the flexibility in next years stacked draft of having two first rounders. I think its much more likely Danny pulls off a deal where he more buys a pick by seding cash than actually giving up value to move up, similar to Memphis receiving cash considerations from Dallas for the 25th pick last year.
    However if Danny does decide to stand pat, there are a couple of risk reward guys that I would look strongly at, Marshon Brooks SG from Providence, and Jeremy Tyler 6’10 PF/C that would probably a top 5 pick in this draft had he just gone to college rather than try the whole get paid to play in a foreign country thing.