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Gang Green Episode 4.33, the season ender, tonight at 9:30

RedsArmyAdmin May 16, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

Gang Green TV Well… it's taken a few days to accept it… but the season is over.  

So its time to look back on what happened… what went right… what went wrong… and what can be done about it over the summer (provided the Collective Bargaining Agreement doesn't radically change anything). 

Tonight at 9:30, the Gang Green TV crew will take to the air to do a post-mortem on the season.  We'll post the live stream here for you to watch… or you can go to the UStream page and participate in the chat.

I know our boy KWAPT will be part of the show.  You can be too.  Chime in and share your thoughts on this past season.  

Provided, of course, it's still not too painful. Chuck's STILL crying.

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