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Rondo: “just pop it back in”

Rondo on the floor
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Little things are starting to trickle out about the team now that the season is over.  One of them is a little more detail about Rondo in the trainer's room after dislocating his elbow in Game 3.

Rondo’s dislocated left elbow was added to the medical pantheon this month, and if nothing else, the injury helped to forge his future as the C’s leader-in-waiting once the Big Three eventually scatters to the retirement winds.

“I was in the back room when Rondo had the dislocated elbow, and he was in an amazing amount of pain,” general manager Danny Ainge said Friday. “He was trying to get back out on the court now. He didn’t want to ice it, he didn’t want the X-ray, he just said pop it back in, tape it up and let’s go.

“He was worried about the clock running down on the game, and he was in excruciating pain. It was amazing what he was able to accomplish. He loves to play. No one can question Rajon and his toughness, and his desire to play.”

This kid's toughness is amazing.  We never hear about it… but it's obvious he'll do whatever he can to play.  A lot of us see a poker-face and we mistake that for being blase about this job… but this kid's got more balls than we give him credit for.  

I just hope he doesn't kill himself on the floor.  His style of play leads to a lot of contact.  I hope he can keep his body in one piece so we don't have to worry about him having five different injuries come playoff time.

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  • Rondo’s toughness is a given. As is the “oh, my God” whenever he rises to launch a jumper or the “attack with the basketball” when he’s pounding it 18 feet from the basket with no one guarding him as the shot clock winds down.
    The kid is tough. You don’t just give him away. But you also don’t Game 3 as an excuse to leave the phone on off if there are cornerstone players who you can obtain.

  • Rondo just about blows my mind every single time I watch him play. If it isn’t the ridiculous passes and ball-handling, it’s the way he sacrifices his body and makes my heart jump into my throat. he scares the crap out of me most of the time. I rest of the time, I just watch in amazement. Incredible kid.

  • I’ve never thought that Rondo is blase. No one as intense, and as imaginative as he is can be thought of as blase. He just seems out of it at times, a lot of times. He’s the most amazing player I’ve seen in a long time. I hope he makes a breakthrough with his shooting this summer.

  • For God’s sake, Rondo IS a cornerstone player. Why are so many people SOOOOO obsessed with getting rid of him. You have a great player right there in your hand, but no, you want that shiny one in the bush.

  • Yeah, surrrrrreeeee he is.
    You might gather from this blog that I don’t agree with, well, anything you say.
    You would be correct. You’re wrong in this case, also.
    Good player, yes. NO player who shoots as abysmally as Rondo is – and chucks bricks consistently over a number of years where his alleged improvement is promised – is a “cornerstone” player.