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J.O. needs wrist surgery


The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy reports in today's edition that Jermaine O'Neal will need surgery on his left wrist. Danny Ainge went on to call it "some serious surgery..". Jermaine injured the wrist during Game 1 of Boston's 1st-round sweep of the New York Knicks.

The part of this story that intrigues me most is that this means J.O. played 95% of the playoffs with a broken/fractured wrist. And it's the wrist on his shooting hand. I've been sort of a defender of J.O.'s throughout his time with the Celtics. I really respect the hard work that he went through to be able and contribute to the C's playoff run, as short as it was, when we really needed him. Most, including myself, did not expect J.O. to finish the regular season, let alone play at all in late-April & May.

This team's biggest question mark heading into the summer of 2011 is at the center position. With Shaquille O'Neal most-likely done here, and in the NBA for that matter, Nenad Krstic and J.O. are it. One name that C's fans have been tossing around is Denver's Nene. I'm sure that Wyc, Danny and the team's accountants are already hard at work trying to figure out what their options are.

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  • Ugh he’s been overdue to retire since he shot his way outta Toronto. You get what you pay for and we paid for a lemon.

  • I think Jermaine and Shaq have been great for us this year. Our failure to win a championship was in no way their fault. They did what they were brought here to do and more.

  • Cept for Shaq, he gave us nothing in the play-offs, nothing!!! Dont think it was his fault we lost, cause we damn sure could have won without him, but still, he gave nothing in the playoffs, I love Shaq, it’s been a fun year, but his time is through in Boston! We brought him here to get us over the hump in the playoffs, but he gave nothing, he couldnt, & he didnt

  • All things considered, I thought JO did as well as he possibly could have under the circumstances he was faced with, injuries and such. To have played with the knee and wrist issues, IMO demonstrates his drive to contribute whatever he could. If anyone wants to give shit to someone over what these guys produced this season, direct it towards Mr. Ainge. They didnt have a lot left, and they gave us what they could, cant really ask for more than that.

  • Actually, his presence in defense could have kept Wade and Lebron from slashing so much (which killed the Celtics).
    It’s a shame that we got the Shaq that has reached the peak of no longer being able to do anything.

  • Nene has a player option at $11.6m. No way to come close even with a pair of MLE’s (could be part of the new CBA) or a S/T with Davis+Kristic+ 2011#1. Trading RA won’t suffice either. Nuggets are loaded at the 2 spot.
    More realistic are D. Jordan or T. Spliter in a S/T, or Delembert as the MLE.
    The current cap with RA picking up his option stands at $70m, minus Shaq. Green will be given a minimum qualifying offer of at least $6m. Celts could then match any higher bid or deal him.
    One sign and trade idea … Green ($6.5m) + Davis ($3m) to Philly for T. Young ($4m) + Hawes ($4m). Sixers have qualifiing offers on both players.
    Assuming Shaq retires, JO comes back and JG is signed it’s closer to $77m … nearly 20m over the current cap ($58m). We’re left with the MLE, Biannual, veteran minimums, and possible S/T options in Davis and Kristic.
    Other possible MLE’s to target: Battier, Prince and M. Redd.
    Celts do have #1s, Minn#2, and LAC #1 (PROTECTED) to dangle.

  • Rondo and Jordan as an alley-oop tandem? Scary. Kid’s a good shot-blocker and besides DHoward has most dunks per game probably. Make it happen D.A.

  • I agree. J.O. did a great job and actually bailed us out.

  • T. Young gives us nothing we dont already have in Green. Hawes is a backup center.
    Denver is a great trade partner to go after Gallinari, Chandler, or Afflalo. If we can also get Nene somehow, I’m not opposed to giving up anyone other than the big4. Ray is too valuable tho. U can’t find another shooter like him anywhere and he could play 2 more years beyond current contract.
    Paul Millsap and Darrell Arthur are 2 other guys at the top of my list. Find a way to trade for one of them. I’ve got potential scenarios in mind, but they dont matter. Point is, we should go get one of those guys at any reasonable price. Possibly even including Garnett, but I doubt we’ll get takers at $18 mil.

  • Hey KWAPT … Good insight on CSL.
    Ironically Danny whiffed on Jordan two years ago in favor of Giddens. Makes you wonder because he managed to get Green and Delonte back, so maybe Jordan was also a regret in his mind? I was wrong on his free agent status. He is restricted. But LAC traded their #1 and the $2 million to $3 million salary-cap hold in the Baron Davis trade so they could match offers. I’m thinking Jordan is mad ripe for a biannual exception, but probably is worth more. That means the only way to get him here is a S/T for Davis or Kristic and overpay because they won’t be splitting the MLE.

  • No way the Griz let Arthur walk unless you overpay in a S/T for Davis. Plus he’s under contract for two more years. Milsap is a possibility if the Jazz plan to showcase Favors, but it would take a S/T with Green to get it done.

  • Yes-it will be tricky. But I have faith in Ainge. I don't agree with
    all the moves he's made, but I do think he's capable of filling the
    holes we have in our roster.

  • Picking Giddens over Jordan is just terrible. It’s like having a hamburger on the table and scraping some gum from underneath it instead because it might be more flavorful.

  • OUCH.