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Grumpy Gregg Popovich not impressed with Rondo’s toughness

Via the Boston Globe/San Antonio Express:

“It’s really been hard to watch the playoffs and have them make Rondo out like Willis Reed,” Popovich said Thursday, in wide-ranging interview with the Express-News. “It’s like, Manu couldn’t even play the first game (against Memphis), and we probably shouldn’t have played him again. He went out there and worked through it, and you didn’t hear any of that kind of crap.”

“It’s like Rondo is the next coming of Willis Reed, the thing he did and the character he showed,” Popovich said. “Maybe he did show character and he was tough and all that, but it is no different than what Manu did. That just kind of angers me on a selfish level, so to speak.”

C'mon Pop, you're better than this. I understand that you are still frustrated because your #1 seeded Spurs embarrassed themselves in the first round of the playoffs. But there's no need to take a shot at Rajon Rondo.

Manu Ginobili hyperextended his elbow in the Spurs season finale on April 13. He was unable to play Game 1 of the playoffs on April 17, but did return for Game 2 three days later.

Rajon Rondo dislocated his elbow with 7 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter of Game 3 vs Miami. He returned to play at the start of the 4th quarter.

Not only was Rondo's injury more severe, but he returned to play in the same game and did not miss a game. Despite what Popovich thinks, what Ginobili did was not the same.

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  • wow…wouldn’t expect Pop to be so douchey.

  • I think he’s just anal to the fact that his Spurs went home much earlier than expected.
    Gotta say… the Spurs have been totally overrated beyond belief these couple of years.

  • I’ve always had major respect for Gregg Pop, one of my favorites besides Doc, & George Karl, but he is very ignorant for saying the above… He’s one of the coaches that always says the right thing, clearly he didnt this time, & Im not saying this because Rondo is a Celtic, but you cant downplay someone who dislocates their elbow, & literally coming back to play 15-20 minutes later, clearly its very different from Manu’s cause not only did Manu only hyperextend his elbow, he sat for almost a week, so its very different Pop, come on now, you’re better than that…

  • Who cares what Pop-A-Zit thinks? His team is in worse shape going forward than Boston.

  • I think it says something about Rondo that everyone wants to rip him. They r jealous. They see how good he really is.

  • Not to take anything away from Rondo His guts and grit will be forever a part of Celtic history. But how about Jermain O’Neil who took a charge in Knicks series broke his wrist bad enough it is going to take surgery, pins and screws to repair it and he kept on playin too, and played well. Way to go Rondo and Jermain you make us Celtic fans PROUD

  • Awww, Pop’s just mad. Poor baby.

  • Screw all boston fans of any boston franchise. Y’all win one title since the 80’s and get all high and mighty about your team. Rondo is a little douche who was just told by pierce to act like a f**%ing crybaby then came back. I’ve dislocated my shoulder before and had it popped back in right in front of my family so I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for that little runt. I don’t know how y’all can be happy that y’all literally bought a title and didn’t earn it. I’m proud to be a Spurs fan cuz they develop their stars and if boston was in the west, they would have lost in the first round and been a lower seed. West is tougher than the prissy east. GO SPURS GO.