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Your Morning Dump… Should we root for a lockout?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

But amid all this doom there may actually be a savior on the horizon. Lurking out there, Cocoon-like, may be the equivalent of the Fountain of Youth, or at least the Fountain of One More Chance.

The (expected) NBA lockout.

Celtics management can’t discuss the details around the league reopening the collective bargaining agreement; heavy fines await those who do. But it’s fair to say your local team realizes the potential benefits if the disagreement between owners and players bit off a chunk of next season. Put simply, the Celtics are set up very well for one of those see-you-in-January seasons.

Labor issues cut the 1998 out of the 1998-99 season. The Celtics opened on Feb. 5 and squeezed the 50 games of Paul Pierce [stats]’s rookie year into three months.

If this team reconvenes in January 2012 for training camp, it could be expected that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Jermaine O’Neal and, if he wants another shot, Shaquille O’Neal will have taken advantage of the long break to rest their weary bones. They’ll then get into proper shape for a short sprint to the playoffs.

Herald – Short year would be big

Remember how well the Celtics were playing in November, December and January? Imagine if they could stroll into the playoffs riding a wave of momentum with healthy and fresh legs?

The short-season-benefits-the-Celtics is a theory we've thrown around before. While a delayed start may help keep the Celtics healthy, it doesn't erase all of the team's athletic deficiencies.

There's a lot of pressure on Danny Ainge to bring in the right pieces. And with the team severely limited by the salary cap, the margin for error is slim. Unless Danny has a trick up his sleeve…

On Page 2, Danny defends Jeff Green.

Ainge will be second-guessed throughout the summer for pulling the trigger on a deal that sent center Kendrick Perkins packing to Oklahoma City. Boston acquired Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic and the results were underwhelming. Asked if he would do it over again, Ainge responded, "Yes, no regrets."

While acknowledging Green "didn't exactly tear it up" during his brief tenure in Boston, Ainge insisted, "I wasn't disappointed with Jeff. I think he was a little disappointed in himself, though.

"My expectations were probably a little different than others. I have always liked Jeff's game. He had some good games and some not so good games.

"The more he played, the better he played. The more he played with better players, the better he played."

Green's job entailed spelling Pierce on the defensive end against elite scorers like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, a role he handled with mixed results. His struggles to carve a niche offensively were well-documented, although he intermittently showed signs of promise. When Rivers called his name with post-ups, he was more aggressive than when he was left to his own devices and got caught standing and watching and ultimately deferring to KG, Pierce and/or Allen.

"It was the byproduct of a new position, a new team, a new coach, all of those things," Ainge said.

ESPN Boston – Ainge disappointed in Celtics end

All valid points (many of which were made yesterday by John). Both Danny and Doc made comments about having one of the Big 3 come off the bench. Danny specifically mentioned Paul Pierce.

I call bull-sh*t. This has to be a ploy to drum up interest in Jeff Green.

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  • Agreed, no way any of them come off the bench.
    “The more he played, the better he played. The more he played with better players, the better he played.”
    That is non-committal b.s., anyone that plays more gets better and plays with better players gets better, (well, BBD aside). That’s your defense DA? Just don’t say stupid shit.
    I genuinely hope there isn’t a lockout. The league is still regaining ground it lost over the last 10 years. They aren’t in the power position the NFL is in and it will hurt everyone long term. If the CBA weren’t a quantum physics equation maybe that would help.

  • It would be hard to imagine there wouldn’t be a lockout due to so many complicated issues. First, if the owners remain intent on a hard cap public support would be on the side of the players. What if Sacramento were not able to keep Evans and Cousins if they blossomed into superstars? So the soft cap works, and the luxury tax revenues should be divided evenly by teams who are under the cap. That’ll keep the Dolans’ of the world more conscious of their spending. Somehow the small market teams must get profitable or risk being subsidized by the league who should not be in the business of running NBA franchises. Profitability is hard to accomplish in an era of luxury suites coupled with sky high ticket prices only VIP’s can afford. Besides, it’s pretty cool watching league pass on HD in your recliner.
    The Bulpet column makes a lot of sense when you consider the history of quick starts in the Big 3 era. There’s no doubt a shorten season would benefit Kobe, Ducan, and our guys.
    BTW … JG must be tendered at least a one year deal around $6m in order for management to match competing offers — should there be any. Don’t fret because 6-7m is about an average NBA salary. The key is to resign him, but not overpay. Whether he starts or not is only fodder for the moment. What’s important is a moveable contract Danny could use if things don’t work out.

  • I dunno. A lockout might do the opposite and speed up the retirement of someone like KG.