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Doc signs 5 year deal

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UPDATE: The deal is worth $35 million. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Doc is now the highest paid coach in the league.

Rivers made $7.8 million over his 11 year playing career. By the end of this deal, he will have made upwards of $50-60 million.

With 7 season at the helm of the Celtics, Doc has the third longest coaching tenure in franchise history. He trails Red Auerbaach (16 years) and Tommy Heinsohn (9 years).

Don't know what the final details are… but this is damn good news.  This takes away a huge question mark.  It also means Doc will be here to bridge the gap between the new Big 3 era and the Rondo era.  

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  • Forgot about the possibility of being able to coach his son too..

  • Great news. Good for him financially as well, should be pretty happy inking your name on that line! I think this is a great step having Doc here, he really is a great draw for potential free agents IMO.

  • Great.
    About the “Rondo era”, dunno.. I think Danny should now make a serious attempt to get CP3.

  • This is really great news. This means a hell of a lot to the club and its attempts to remain near (or on) the top of the league. Guys want to play for him, hes a great coach, and he really has become a part of Celtics tradition, which he whole-heartedly embraces. What else could we ask for in a coach?

  • im with caterpillar from italy if we ever want to win a championchip rondo has to go and chris paul could be the anwser maybe rondo and a few first round slections