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Break up the Big 3? And what about that lockout?

C's Radio play-by-play man Sean Grande was on Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight last night and touched on two hot topics right now.

1:  Trading one of the Big 3.

He calls it an old school mentality to trade one of these guys and get younger players and a few draft picks and the NBA doesn't work like that anymore.  There are ways, he says, to do it on the fly.

2:  The Lockout

A lot of us think a shorter season benefits the C's.  It makes sense to say "hey, 50 games instead of 82 games works in the C's favor."  But Grande's point is quite the opposite.  That 50 game schedule would be filled with 3-games-in-a-row stretches that would kill the C's.  He recounted a story of a guy in the last lockout who played 8 games during a 10-day deal.  

That's not good news for the Celtics.  It's an excellent point no one is really talking about. 

So what say you?  Would you listen to offers for the Big 3? And are you rooting for a lockout?

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  • I do not think we need to trade any of the big three. What the team needs to do is get back to defense.
    Arroyo, Green, Krstic, Murphy, Pav’s and Wafer are all too soft. Let the starters score and the bench hold the score until they return.

  • Would like to get a second look at guys like Stephane Lasme, DeShawn Sims, and Chris Johnson again.
    Curtis Stinson, Marcus Cousin and Cedrick Jackson are also some cheap options to bring to camp.

  • First off, I think there is a 0% chance of Pierce being moved.
    That being said, one thing that im sure will be weighing on Dannys mind is, Do we let KG and Ray retire with the C’s, or try and trade them while they still have some value left.
    Also, no matter what he says, I think he will look very hard at what he can get in exchange for Rondo. For my part, having Rondo run the team and be the veteran without P, KG, or Ray, is a terrifying prospect. He has not matured according to plan, thats obvious to me. But hes a very high talent value when taking his contract into consideration, which makes him an attractive trade option.
    On the lockout, yeah that would suck. Im being selfish here, but my two sports are soccer and basketball. I watch very little TV aside from Celtics and Liverpool games, and need to justify my ridiculous Time Warner Cable bill. Also,it will be good for the NBA to take advantage of the fact that there will be no (I believe) football next season. Less competition, showcase early season Sunday games, could work well for the league.

  • Agree on seeing more of Chris Johnson.
    Everyone but Pierce and maybe Rondo should be included in trade talks if it improves the team going forward. Trade offers with Superstars or multiple player deals with draft picks, should be entertained, especially if Doc is involved with our rebuilding.

  • Chris Johnson would have made Joel Anthony look like Mark Blount.

  • Forced retirement to get cap space??????