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Ainge backtracks from ‘Pierce to bench’ comment

Via ESPN Boston:

Ainge clarified comments made on Boston sports radio WEEI on Thursday that suggested the possibility of a veteran sliding to a bench role to get Jeff Green more minutes next season.

"So I said that on the radio show [Thursday], just to get everybody sort of excited," joked Ainge. "Yeah, I'm sure I'll be hearing from Paul. But I don't know. That will be Doc's decision. Jeff playing a bigger role, if he comes back, I think that that will be the case if he were to come back. I think he would play a bigger role. I have no idea, maybe he'll start in place of Ray [Allen]. Now [I'll be hearing from] Ray. Who knows? I don't know the answer to that. But it's possible that there could be [changes] — it isn't like this core group of guys doesn't have to play the exact same way or with the exact same players. There's some things that can be tweaked. That's my whole point."

I figured Danny was speaking in general terms when he mentioned Jeff Green could be starting over Paul Pierce. He's just preparing everyone for change.

I encourage you to read the rest of the article. Ainge talks about Rondo's toughness, Jermaine's wrist injury (worse than we knew) and Nads' bad knees. This team was a walking MASH unit.

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  • Ainge is such a piece of work.

  • i suggested pierce move to the bench two weeks before the season ended. It would have made our bnch as deadly as our starters and got all of the big 3 more shots and somon to run th fast break with rondo. i suggested kristic play alot more in the heat series a week before the series started. We would have had a huge size advantage down low at the cost of not playing big babyZ(which in my ind would have been an advantage not a disadvantage) ive said since day on rondo needs to attack the basket more and actually finish or else hes useless which can be seen on the playoff tape is true. If any of the big 4 gets traded i hop its rondo hes useless unless attacking the basket and finishing which he neevr does and the only real amazing part of his game is fastbreak and he refuses to do that instead he walks the ball up the court dribbles for 8 seconds doing nothing then passes it off and forces a bad shot out of someone else bc theres no time left

  • Oh man. The fact that we’ve been eliminated is just starting to hit me. Instead of getting jazzed up for a play-off game, we’re stuck commenting on Danny Ainge’s son and Doc’s contract extension (which I am happy about BTW). This is already shaping up to be an extremely long summer.