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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo is a tough SOB

 Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Rajon Rondo arguably played with a wider assortment of injuries than any other Celtic this season.

The point guard sprained both ankles, wrestled with plantar fasciitis, managed back spasms and dislocated his left elbow.

Ultimately, it was enough to leave him on the bench when the season ended with last night’s 97-87 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

His left elbow, encased in a special brace, didn’t protect Rondo from bumping into picks and defenders. As a result, Delonte West played the point for the entire fourth quarter, and Rondo sat for the last 12 minutes.

“Honestly, tonight my back was what really bothered me,” said Rondo,

Herald: Rondo stretches out

Hey Mark Murphy, you forgot to mention the shoulder… which Doc brought up last night in his post-game comments.  This kid had hurt just about everything on is body.  Mike Gorman was most telling last night in the Comcast Sports Net post-game show when he said "People within the organization told me if this were the regular season, Rondo would have been out 6-8 weeks"

The Celtics had three advantages (on paper) over the Heat:  point guard, center and bench. 

Well, our point guard was a shattered mess who could barely move.  One of our centers never healed and looked older than the 39 years he was… and the other was laid out next to Rondo in the second half because of his back.  And our bench played nowhere near its capabilities except for Delonte West.  

When your so-called advantages don't actually materialize into advantages… you're going to lose.  Big props to Rondo for playing through all the pain.  The C's needed him to try.  

One other note here:  I just wanted to congratulate the Heat.  I don't like them one bit, but they beat us and that's that.  I've always believed that you do what you can to win… but then when its over you shake your opponent's hand and you move on if you lose.

We'll be here all off-season… so don't think our season ends because the Celtics season has.  We're going to be breaking down what happened to this team, why it happened, and what we need to do over the next few weeks.  And then we'll be tracking all the player movement and the CBA talk as we get into lockout territory.  Thank you all for reading us this season, and we hope you continue to as we head into the summer to keep track of your favorite team.  The Celtics will be very busy… and so will we as we bring you everything that's going on.

On Page 2:  Big Baby is probably on his way out

In nine playoff games this year, Davis averaged 4.9 points and 3.6 rebounds while shooting 39 percent from the field — all below his career playoff numbers in those categories.

Even with the struggles, Davis remains convinced his struggles in the playoffs this year won't impact his free agency.

"You can't just base it off this playoffs," Davis said. "My whole body of work, I feel like I can play in this league, I can start in this league. From my second year when Kevin [Garnett] went down, my third year. . . And this year was my best year. I just didn't play well in the playoffs this year. But things happen like that. I don't think these playoffs will hurt me as much."

CSNNE: Davis goes into free agency after poor playoff run

Yeah, things happen… but let me play GM for a minute:

You played a career high 29.5 minutes per game.  Your production became wildly inconsistent as the season went on and it looked like you ran out of gas.  And then you got to the playoffs and flat out stunk when your team needed you the most.  You shot worse and grabbed fewer rebounds as a starter.   And finally, Mr. Davis… let me draw your attention to this quote from January.

“It’s all mental,” he said. “I was kind too hard on myself when I was starting. I wanted to prove to Doc [Rivers] and prove to my teammates … The difference between that and the playoffs is I just went and played. That’s what I do when I come off the bench, I just go out and play. I put a lot of pressure on myself.  I got out of myself and tried to be something [else]. That’s now how it works. You have to be yourself. I had a couple of good games, but as far as all-around games, the way I know I can play, I didn’t bring it. Now being on the bench you get back to the same mentality.”

So tell me (remember Glen… I'm pretending to be a GM now) why do I want to give starter money to a guy who can't seem to handle 30 minutes a game for a full season and playoff run… who admits that starting affects him mentally… and who in a recent interview about his bad play, looked lost and depressed?

Despite all this, I like Big Baby.  I just want him to be real about what his role is.  And if I may echo may thoughts from Twitter last night:  Baby is a finisher here in Boston.  So what if you don't start?  You finish games.  You close things out.  I like 22-25 minute per game Glen Davis who takes smarter shots and charges.  But if he's not going to be that… then I wish you luck in your future endeavors. 

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  • I hope they trade away Big Baby. Something about him annoys the crap out of me. The fact that he states he is a starter after having only one good year when he covered for KG. He doesn’t have the body to play more than 30 minutes…
    Just trade him away and get some good pieces.

  • Glad to hear Celtic news will continue throughout the off season. Staying tuned in. Thnaks!

  • Ok,Am I the only one that thinks Kristic could be a quality Center on this team. OFFSEASON!! They need to bring back Delonte, keep Green and Kristic and possibly Baby unless they get a Decent offer for him!!

  • Please get informed. They can’t trade a free agent.

  • Totally forgot he was going to be a free agent.
    Didn’t have my coffee yet. 😉

  • I thought Krstic played well in Game 5. Too bad Doc was too stubborn to play him in the earlier games.

  • It’s tough with Rondo. He has a special place in my fanhood heart for his gutty play and unique talents…but you can’t fall in love with him with blinder on. His game is fatally flawed right now and this is going to be a crossroads offseason for him. If he comes back with no improvement, then I’m all for trading him.

  • Rondo looks relieved on this video. I think this was really tough season on him. Now he has a long summer to recover from all of his maladies, and next year we’ll have a special kind of Rondo. He is a tough SOB, as you may call him, but I’m not sure we know even a half of the story.
    And all the stories of trading him that I’ve read today were just foolish.