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What do we do with Jeff Green?

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He was the centerpiece of "the trade".  He was the supposed best player in the deal… the guy that made it OK to part with Perk, risk team chemistry, and rely on the O'Neals to get us through at center. 

Except Jeff Green's arrival in Boston was anything but that.  His inability to play solidly at the 3 and make up for the loss of Marquis Daniels turned the trade into a bust.  Fairly or unfairly, Jeff Green's short tenure so far in Boston has been mediocre at best… and probably closer to terrible. 

The thing is… he's not that bad.  Maybe its his mental make up that made it difficult for him to assimilate quickly.  Maybe he was deferring too much, trying to be something he's not, and just plain getting lost in the sea of superstar veterans… all of whom have a "way" of doing things. 

This is isn't OKC.  This isn't the happy-go-lucky little town with a new team and a bunch players so young that you feel like you're back in a college locker room.  Boston, the city, is a bit bigger, a lot more bitter, and even more demanding.  We don't just appreciate having a team around here.  We've had a team since day one.  This city has gotten a taste of championship parades recently… and dammit… we like it.  

Boston, the team, has strong personalities everywhere you turn.  KG, Paul, Ray, Rondo… they're all, let's say, pretty damn confident in themselves.  Doc Rivers is a direct, tell-it-like-it-is coach.  And the banners… well… the banners stare at you in the practice facility and at the Garden… constantly reminding you that a few people have worn that uniform before you.  And they've done pretty well.  Each of those 17 flags might as well have a magnifying glass on them… because that's where you play when you're in a Celtics uniform:  Under the magnifying glass.  Everything is bigger.. your successes, your failures, your every word. 

Throw a 24-year-old kid in the middle of this cauldron, sprinkle in the hours of talk radio and thousands of words written about how Danny blew it with the trade, and it's not hard to see how the kid didn't exactly flourish.  But that's all done.  The question is… what do we do now?  

Do we make the $5.9 million qualifying offer… sit back and see if the market spits out a palatable price to give this kid another shot?  Or do we just cut our losses, let him walks, and chalk it up as a loss?  Will a training camp… time to bond with his teammates and chance to accept his role be helpful enough to turn him around?  Or is he a kid who needs starter minutes to get into enough of a groove to perform well. 

He's not going to be a starter on this team next year if everyone comes back.  But he will be asked to be a huge contributor off the bench… especially if Glen Davis leaves.  

So.. it's a tough call.  What DO we do with Jeff Green?

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  • absolutely must hold on to him…given training camp and more time with team he will play better. Also he should be able to play some 3 and some 4 and get more looks/mins with the probably departure of Glen Davis. I don’t think the team knew how to use him. With PP getting up there in age they celtics will not be able to find a more talented player to fill the 3 spot. He could very will be a 6th man of the year type next year getting anywhere from 20-28 mins.

  • Tell you what, we should keep him. If we could sign a Battier type of dude, we could let Green split his minutes at the 3 and 4, giving him enough time to find his groove. I think he has the potential. I say hold on.

  • Pair him with Rajon Rondo and trade him for Chris Paul, who will be a free agent next season. Rondo needs a fast break offense to maximize his set of skills. Celtic offense needs a point guard who forces opposing defenses to respect the jump shot. When opposing point guards can man up Rondo and play 5-6 feet off of him that gives them all of that extra room to double down on the bigs or get out to help on the perimeter. Imagine how many more open looks Paul and Ray would get with CP3 drawing all of that extra attention with his ability to shoot.
    Jeff Green doesn’t have the defensive ability to secure valuable minutes with this team. He hasn’t shown me enough offensive ability to make up for it. He poses a lot of mismatches and obviously is very athletically gifted. As a backup small forward I would prefer to dump him for someone like a Shane Battier who can come in and contribute more on the defensive side.

  • Have to keep him. Training camp and a bit of work in the gym and he can be all we need. He can fill that Posey role we need, his D was great vs. MIA, his offense just wasn’t there. If we keep him over Davis he can also be the offensive spark on our bench. That’s not asking too much for him, it’s what he did in OKC and he could easily do that here. He’s progressed with every game and bar the turnovers (which can be sorted by working on his handle his summer, he’s used to playing 4 so I’ll give him a pass for a couple of turnovers) he’s still a legit player. It’s not worth matching ludicrous offer, but we should definitely try and lock him up early, he could be key next year and going past that too.

  • Get rid of him, he is too inconsistent and cant play defense, and it kills me how many time he turns the ball over in the miami series.

  • Well you guys are forgetting that Jeff Green is all of 24 years old..he has a tremendous upside and will only get better. Also anyone who brings up trading Rondo is assuming he has a high trade value. He has a variety of injuries and is an inconsistent shooter at best..im not totally sure a lot of teams would want him if they dont have the players(like the celtics do) to supplement his play.

  • I love that there is a comment panning his D and complimenting his O instantly followed by one panning his O and complimenting his D. Oh, Jeff. You confuse us.
    The Celtics should only let Green walk for nothing if:
    1. He has suffered a serious injury and won’t play for a few years.
    2. He is a locker room cancer. (No offense to cancer patients or Charlie V.)
    3. The Celtics have so many tall, young, athletic wings that they can afford to throw one away.
    None of these are the case. Jeff stays. Easy decision.

  • lets bridge next year. dump all assets, last minute trades, draft picks and build a dynasty for dhoward/rondo. at all expense and w/e that takes. trade kg and ray allen (perfect 6th man)to fleece next years desperate playoff team. do it danny!! w/irish pride hold your breath for a year ( ‘ . ‘ )

  • Edgar Rentaria 2.0
    As far back as Georgetown, Green has had a reputation as flaky, disengaged, stoic, shrinking violet, lackadasical. All while qualifying that with “..but he’s super talented and super athletic.” I’ve seen enough of these type of players, especially ones who don’t actually have a position like Green, to know that I could really care less if he stays.
    Green is simply another Marvin Williams, Julian Wright, Brandon Wright, or Hakeem Warrick. Tweeners who constantly bounce between the 3 and 4. GM’s like to say “they’re versatile”. I contend it will always be an issue going forward with the likes of Green. Can’t defend 3’s (too fast). Can’t defend 4’s (too small). He would look great on Golden State…
    I’m more intrigued to see if Avery Bradley (much forgotten) can make a significant leap next season.

  • Sign/trade JG for Paul Millsap. Utah has abundance at PF and dirth at SF.
    Then S/T BBD for Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, or Arron Afflalo. Which ever one Denver is willing to do it for.

  • Not impressed with Green. Use him to trade for someone else who has more mental toughness to deal with adversity. Being on a contending team means others are going to try and knock you out your game and you need to be aggressive to survive. Green sure didn’t show this. Spent the whole time waiting on Green to reach his potential. Well he is not a rookie anymore maybe this all you get.

  • I don’t know enough about the cap or what DA’s options would be. I don’t see his options vastly different than this time last year. Maybe that’s the place to start; with the Big 4 under contract, who are the other options?

  • Darrell Arthur is another PF worth going after. S/T Green for Arthur and OJ Mayo. Memphis doesn’t want Mayo and doesn’t need Arthur with Z-Bo around.
    Maybe Battier gets involved to make this deal work. Main target is Arthur.

  • I say Danny has a plethora of options compared to last year. Doc’s decision will determine next move. Green in the fold allows C’s to dump Baby and find a proper back up for KG. Then Allen will need a back up which D West works off we can retain him. Protecting these capable aging stars with young lean athletes. Green can be a part of this scenario.

  • Yes. Let’s put together a 2nd unit of young capable players to take the regular season burden off the starters. Does it really matter if we finish 3rd or 6th in the East?
    I still like the idea of trading BOTH Green and Baby to get back a true solid PF and a capable SF. Green and Baby are both talented, but both exist somewhere in between the 3 and 4. Utah, Denver, and Memphis all have much potential as trade partners.
    We will need Delonte to play more minutes next year to take some burden off of Rondo as well. I think he’s up to the challenge, but how about Sign&Trade BBD to Detroit for Will Bynum? Detroit has had interest in Baby b4 and I think Bynum would make an excellent backup PG, moving Delonte to his natural 2.

  • You’re just going to have to hope Green gets better.From this point on I would try and take the tweener label off him, not even experiment with him at the four, let him learn how to play the small forward position and not worry about being switching between roles. That being said, if you’re danny you can’t let him walk. he’s already can’t getting killed for the trade, how does it look if he gets rid of green, admitting he f’ed up? that could be his job right there
    moving on, if you can trade rondo for paul, you probably do it, you can’t include green in that trade because you can’t package a guy thats a free agent. we’ll see if this happens i doubt it does
    right now id look to give full mle to dalembert, oden, or deandre jordan, and sign and trade big baby for mickeal pietrus. then see what you can add through the draft and whether you want to move a guy like avery bradley and who you can get for the vets minimum

  • I agree that having D West and some options on Green is better off than they were last year. Though who are the options to bring in and with what cash?
    The available cash is mostly the same from what I understand, I just don’t know who is available nor what they cost. Baby is unemployed right now right?

  • I think we will always wonder about motives to keep Green just so it isn’t called a bust.

  • Ok did not read through most of the comments. But living in Maryland, Not too far from Georgetown the kid has skilles. He still is young and has crazy potential. Espn980 here has a show with John Thompson huge celtic fan and former g-t0wn coach and I think he played for the Celtics in the 60’s. He is still sold on Green and he says he was timid and defered to the Big 3. Which hurt his game. Lets give the kid a offseason assuming we sign him!!! Lets think of it this way.. Baby was our “6th man this year” Wouldnt Green be a way better option in that role if not starting if they dont resign baby. Just a thought!!

  • It could be worse. We could be paying $36 mil for four years for 4 points and 6 boards a night. Chemistry, my ass.

  • I agree totally with the need to make a change at the point. I don’t think Danny and Doc have the balls to do it, but it’s abundantly clear that the Big 3 aren’t good enough to play 4-on-5 with Rondo offensively any more and make it work.

  • He is Athletic! Keep him. The rest will come later.

  • Now CBA could change all this but C’s have nearly $6 mil Mid Level Exemption, and the bi-annual 2 million exemption which we last used to get Quis in 2009.

  • Pietrus would rot behind PP and Green, no? Or can he play exclusively SG with D West rocking the Point?

  • Why who ever are you speaking of? Hmmm
    Seriously if Green stays at his option…bargain at 5.x million.