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KWAPT (@KWAPT) May 12, 2011 Uncategorized 15 Comments on Pain.


Achilles pain, elbow pain, back pain, calf pain, ankle pain. Pain. It's a word Celtics fans have grown accustomed to all season. I really did not feel too nervous going into last night's game. I don't know what it was. Confidence? Cockiness? Reserve? I just felt ready to deal with whatever was coming tonight. But I did not think it would go down like this. Or did I?

Something in the back of my mind kept bringing up last year's terrible Game 7 loss, and the miserable summer that followed. And sure enough, despite trying to lie myself that it would be different, we ran out of steam. Again. And gave two of the best players in the world an opportunity. But we fought. Tooth and nail. Fought the refs, fought injury, fought fair weather fans, the media.. We did fight. But it still was not enough. For many, including the players, this will be a summer of what-ifs: "what if Rondo was 100%?"…"what if Ainge had not made those trades?"…"what if Pierce doesn't pick-up early fouls…?" But not for me.

There is only one question I have. Will the Celtics organization go out and get some proven young talent that will help us get over this hump? I hear Pierce when he says "we still feel like we can compete.." after tonight's game. And you know, they probably can. But…they need to get younger. Rondo needs some young thoroughbreds to get out on the wings with him. That's my only question for this offseason.

So this 2010-11 season is over. I will personally try and look ahead. Why? Mostly because it's too tough to look back right now. This is a sad time of year for me. See, I love everything about the Celtics. I love going to the Garden early and watching the guys walk-in the building. I love watching them get shots-up pregame. I love saying hello to all the media and talking to them about the upcoming game. I love the butterflies I get in my stomach when the opening video plays on the Jumbotron. I love everything about the Celtics and the TD Garden.

Until next season, I deeply thank everyone who has read my posts, followed my tweets and supported this team, this blog and this way of life that is the Boston Celtics for another season. Ubuntu.

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  • Good job with that, KWAPT!

  • Indeed Good Job,from Maryland

  • Right on KWAPT. Excellent season and a welcome addition to the regular postings.
    It was an up and down season, I think we all expected more ups but it is what it is. At the beginning of the season they gave us every reason to fall in love with this unit again, yet as the season went on we all became more frustrated as we waited for the post season. We were anxious wondering what we would see in the playoffs from this team.
    The post season was then a microcosm of the regular season. Started off shaky but getting the necessary W’s, they saw room to play much better. They appeared to find a rhythm and then an injury struck. Then another, and we end up limping to the finish line in the post-season wondering what’s next.
    I will admit, I was thrilled to hear Doc’s stance on his return. I was also dubious of the same core, there is virtually no room to sign anyone but they absolutely need to. So as we take stock on the season, I want to give these guys their props; they are professionals and each played a big part in getting them where they are.
    Here’s to ‘having something to prove’. Banner 18 – 2012

  • G4L

    Call me crazy, but I dont really think it is that hard to look back. I didn’t take the loss as bad as I thought. Maybe its because I knew we were to injured to win it all, but mostley because the Heat are a better team at this part of the season. All props to the Heat. I especially like the fact how humble they were, that was appreciated.

  • For me, this was on the same level as the game 7 loss, not quite AS bas because of the circumstances, but it still cut deep. We now give this cocky, arrogant, imposter “Big 3” a chance to win an NBA title and prove to executives and fans around the world that buying 2 1/4 superstars=NBA title. Similar to the finals last year, we become injury plagued during the series which causes a number of “what-if” scenarios to arise…
    Credit goes to Lebron for the daggers he dropped at crucial moments in this series. But at the end of the day this is and will always be D-wade’s team. Love the fight these guys put up all year and during this series and thats why I will bleed GREEN until the day I die. When you put on this jersey its understood the passion, history, fight, and legacy that comes with it. Great job here guys, keep up the good work and love the blog!

  • Couldn’t have said it better. Going down 3-1 is a hell of a hole to dig yourself out of, especially injured and on the road. It was hard to be confident going forward. It’s weird how it ended up being the off season acquisitions and the bench that hurt the team the most with injuries while the Big Three stayed relatively healthy throughout the course of the entire season. The starters were burnt out.
    I’m disappointed that we never ONCE had the full team that Danny put together last off season, or even after the trade deadline (albeit those five minutes Shaq put in, if we’re counting that).
    However, I am look forward to Doc’s return and getting younger, fresher legs that can stay healthy enough to contribute. Players want to play for Doc (except for, as someone on celticsblog put it so perfectly, Big Lazy) so I’m confident that the Green Team will be able to recruit quality players, however slim the pickens seem to be.

  • This loss was no where near as devastating as last year’s loss. I’m sure that has to do with the fact that I live in LA. Either way, I think this team does have another run left in them. They just need to get younger and more athletic. I also think Doc needs to develop and/or play more of his bench. I thought Kristic did a great job last night. I really do think he could have contributed more to this team.

  • Thx CF33

  • Losing to the Lakers in Game 7 is the worst, except for maybe getting swept by the Lakers. The Heat were the favorites in the East this year, and they did what it took to get ahead of us in the regular season, so kudos to them.
    We have built in excuses for this post-season exit; Perk trade, Shaq out, Rondo broken, the bench or lack of (BBD went from 6th man canidate to please leave, Murphy??? Jury is out on Green and Kristic, West was OK and Oneal was not brought here to be a starter). We played .500 ball after Perk was traded so I never really had my hopes up anyway.
    I guess it’s still not time to blow up the team, considering Pierce will retire a Celtic and Ray/KG still have another year, but we need to clear the bench and start over. I still would like to try Green for a whole year and bring in another nice piece…like Rudy Gay, Nene, Iguodala, JR Smith…. DWIGHT!

  • Thx-it’s been my pleasure and I look forward to bringing more..

  • Great feedback everyone-much appreciated.

    you are my #1 dude to read on here man, and this post is vintage KWAPT: appreciative, insightful, hopeful, knowledgeable.

  • +1
    One think that I do not understand is that Ainge bet this season on Shaq being healthy at the end. So it really was a matter of this season only with him. That being the case, why not keep Perk for this season only even if we may lose him next year?
    Now we are are left with NO center to anchor the team

  • Thanks again, KWAPT. As someone far, far away, having you at the Garden and seeing your updates, pictures and reports makes me feel closer to the action. I can’t thank you enough for that. Here’s to next season and the one after that and the one after that. Cheers, my friend.

  • Looking forward to what new pieces are coming. This place is still my number 1 Celtics source. Thanks Reds Army.