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Doc: I haven’t signed anything yet, but it’s been decided

Doc Rivers spoke with ESPN Radio of New York today:

“Danny [Ainge] and I have been talking about it for a while and I’ve been talking about it with my family,” Rivers told Lupica. “Last year, I just wouldn’t even talk about it. This year, I didn’t want to leave the organization out there too long, I just thought that would be bad form. And No. 2, I love working with Danny. Great group of guys I have. We’ve won one title and we’ve yet to be healthy since that one title, which you can’t do anything about.

“It would be tough for me to leave. I don’t know how long I‘ll do it. But I told Danny and ownership that I’m leaning heavily toward doing it and I probably will do it. I haven’t signed anything yet, but it’s basically been decided.”

Could anything happen in the near future that would make him change his mind?

“There could be but I don’t think so,” Rivers said in response to the question. “Honestly, there’s things out there that could be attractive, but I just think every once in a while, to an organization that’s shown you great loyalty, sometimes you have to return it right back.”

Glad to hear that Doc isn't backtracking on his statements last night. He's coming back and I couldn't be happier.

As for what the Celtics need to contend:

“We’re not going to win it just relying on the Big Three anymore, we just can’t,” Rivers said. “But we can win it with the Big Three. So our job this summer, we have to go out and sign a couple of players. We don’t need any superstars, we need the right pieces to complement those guys so those guys can play less minutes and we can still win games and get to the playoffs healthy.

“We can’t try to do formula we used this year, just going to get a bunch of veterans and try to get through the regular season, because that doesn’t work. In the playoffs now, with all the rule changes, you need athleticism, you need quickness to the ball. And quite honestly we just don’t have that. That stood out to me more than anything in this series.”

He's right. But the million dollar question is.. how the hell does Danny Ainge add viable players without any cap flexibility?

In other news, the All-NBA teams were announced today and the Celtics were excluded.

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  • 2 words: young-legs. That’s all I ask Danny. Bring Doc some young-legs to get out on that break with Rondo.

  • sounds to me we’re rolling with the big 4 for at least one more year, just like i suspected.
    Here’s what should be on the shopping list
    -a wing defender that can shoot
    -a relentless rebounder
    i think they’ll look to use the full MLE on a young guy, look to sign and trade big baby, and maybe even move around in the draft a bit and see what they can do with avery bradley

  • I wonder if there going to focus on getting better defensively or look to add some guys that give you more options offensively? One thing i definitely want to see is some more guys with toughness coming off the bench.
    Right now we have rondo, allen, pierce, kg, jo, green, and west, need to add some significant pieces around those guys.

  • I think we need a intensified athletic starting cenrter… someone that plays above the rim, one that runs, & is young, & can get out there with Rondo… Some players that jump to mind is Tyson Chandler, Samuel Dalembert, Javale McGee, Deiondre Jordan, and JJ Hickson, Nene, and Carl Landry, theres more, those are a few… Also we must keep Jeff Green, & Delonte West.. Need a 3rd scorer to go with them, possibly JR Smith, Anthony Parker, Dorrel Wright, Matt Barnes, & theres more… need a lockdown defender off the bench, someone like Shane Battier, or Courtney Lee, preferrably Courtney Lee since he’s still young… Bascically we need to get a tad bit younger, & athletic, & identify a bench… That way we lower the BIG 3’s minutes while still winning games, if they have to play 35 mins a game next year, we wont win… We’ve gotten Doc back, hopefully Ray stays, & from there things get interesting, & we’ll have to wait & see…. Glen has to go!!! Cant believe what he said in last nights post game, think he already had a foot out the door, now I think its time to push him out, its always something with him every year!

  • say what you want about Jeff Green, but he was always the first guy down the floor.

  • Big Jeff Green fan here. However, it's pretty clear he may not be cut-out to play in the bright lights & big stage that are Boston. His composure just is not where it needs to be right now.

  • No post about Ainge suggesting on WEEI that Pierce may come off the bench next year in favor of Green? There goes some more team chemistry…

  • Doc saying the formula used this year was to get a bunch of veterans and try to get through the regular year but now in the playoffs you need ahtleticism and quickness… well hard lesson learned this year. Too bad they didn’t consider this sooner considering what was happening in South Beach. Well really happy to see Doc wants to keep the Big 3 for one more run but what supporting playing is out there of good caliber and not top salary.
    Other Key pt I hope in Rondo’s exit interview Ainge stressed it is not an option….jumpshots and FTs or you are gone.

  • i think what Danny is talking about is what San Antonio does with Manu..puts him off the bench for some stretches in the season just to give him a rest..keep him fresh..also in with @kwapt as being a big jeff green fan..and perhaps he wasnt ready for the big stage..but he is young..and needs some time to grow..they are pretty strapped for cash and arent going to get a better player or athlete. I would like to see a sign and trade of Baby..perhaps get someone like Reddick or Barbosa..or in a dream sequence the celtics can sign jamal crawford who i think is a FA

  • The biggest problem i see is that we don’t have Delonte’s bird rights so every dollar he gets is going to count against the MLE or LLE which ever one, i HATE to say it, but if he asks for too much, he could be gone and avery bradley is going to get thrown into the fire.
    As of now we basically have 4 practical avenues of filling out the roser: splitting up our 5.76 mil for the MLE, 1 to 2 for the LLE, the draft, and any trades we could choose to for avery bradley or a sign and trade with big baby.
    with that in mind, we need two posts that rebound like hell and our tough, smart, defenders and a perimeter defender, and with all that we need to find a way to add a scoring punch somewhere, not going to be easy.