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Will Paul Pierce come off the bench next year?

Danny Ainge had some interesting stunning comments on WEEI:

On the starting lineup changing:

"Maybe there’s a change of roles. Maybe Paul comes off the bench, cuts down on his minutes. Maybe we find a way to get Jeff more minutes. His role will expand if he’s back here next year. There’s no question about that … "

"It wouldn’t totally shock me if there’s a change in the starting lineup, but that’s just way too tough to tell."

On the possibility of trading one of the Big Three:
"I would have to look into that if a good trade came about"

On the possibility of trading Rondo:
Probably not. I can’t ever say never, but that’s not our plan right now, probably not.

Ainge said it's likely the Celtics will make a qualifying offer to Jeff Green. And judging by these comments, they have big plans for him.

Danny might be the only one high on Jeff Green.

Update:  Danny backtracks on 'Pierce to the bench' comments

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  • like i said in the other post..i think Danny is saying there could be some flexibility in the starting line up..for stretches..like the spurs have done in the past with Manu..to keep players fresh..i dont know how serious he was about paul..who looked pretty good all season until the strain in game 2 of this series.

  • I feel like everyone is taking Danny’s comment about Jeff Green starting out of context. When he said that, he had basically been backed into a corner defending Green and himself against the argument that Green can’t play his game unless he’s in a starting role. In context, it really didn’t seem like he had seriously considered starting Green over Pierce at any point. And with Pierce still (relatively) healthy and in-shape, I don’t see why on earth Doc would start Jeff Green over our team’s perennial leading scorer, not to mention captain.

  • Maybe Danny should shut up and stop undermining his players in the media. I’d love to hear Paul Pierce’s take on this.

  • I doubt that pierce comes off the bench, but the thinking would be you get green into the flow of things early, and pierce can come on the bench fresh and firing on all cylinders, giving us a scoring punch off the bench

  • i mean sure green wasnt great but there were definite flashes of brilliance and in okc he averaged 15pts 5reb 2ast, so he can definitely contribute. I think a full offseason with the team will make a world of difference especially for a young guy going through his first trade. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do alongside a healthy rondo next season.

  • but i just to clarify i’m NOT endorsing starting him over pierce, but he can split some of the minutes with paul and can make a difference for sure

  • First off we all know Doc wouldnt let this happen,UNLESS Pierce is approving of this too… 2nd People forget the fact Danny was speaking hypothetically when he made this comment, you can tell Danny has never really thought about this, but it is a option… the people on weei were saying how would you enlarge Jeff’s role with Boston, Danny was saying he will like him with the starting line up more, whether that means coming off the bench early, or placing Paul on the bench, but we’re looking too far into that comment, dont thnk he really wants to do that… But the fact that he said he would look to shop the BIG 3 except for Pierce of course, kind of shocked me, like what if he decides to build a team arund Rondo, Green, & Pierce? Im not condoneing getting rid of any of te BIG 3, cause quite frankly I want them all to retire a Celtic, but it aint hard to see that KG was old & rugged in this 2nd round, you saw his legs giving out on him, game by game… So I will go out on the limb & say if anyone is to be gone, it’ll be him, whether that be through TRADE, or RETIREMENT, he is the most likely out, while I believe its highly unlikely either one be gone, he’ll be first, & I cant say I’d be too surprised if it is to happen… I think the goal is to begin to move towards the future, but the comment about Pierce was just hypothetical, I just dont believe he would be that stupid!!!!

  • KG put a lot of min on those legs that was not part of the original overall plan. If Doc can reduce min for KG over the season I think he still can contribute to the team. But given Kg slipped out to avoid media after Miami game you wonder if he is ready to “fade into black” But then Ray/PP/Rondo might talk him out of it and go down together for one last try.

  • When you’re one day removed off disappointing results everything should be on the table. Green’s natural fit is the 3 spot, but it also doesn’t mean PP wouldn’t work playing the 2 with Ray coming off the bench. PP finished with a team high +594 and remains the only Celtic capable of creating his offense. This is a copycat league and the Mavs are having great success with Peja off the bench as they always had with J. Terry. Ray could also be featured as a marksman of the bench and unlike Peja he turned into a decent defender.
    The question is can Pierce at his age contest 2 guards? Bottom line is Danny appears ready to tender at least a $6 million dollar offer to retain the right to match competing offers for Green, and there’s no doubt he will have a much larger piece of the scoring pie moving forward. The Celtics need scoring punch. KG and Ray cannot create in the vernacular of PP, and unless RR develops a mid range shot the offense won’t improve. That consistent creator is a role that Green will test for. The deal didn’t net its desired result this season, but this was the rationale behind it.

  • Danny is the guy who stayed with Rondo when no one believed in him, so I’m not going to underestimate his believing in Green, just because I would like Perk’s still with this team.

  • NO he isn’t. He’s just being stubborn. That’s all he’s doing.

  • Then he shouldn’t have said it. He needs to stop defending Green, but he’s a stubborn ***.

  • Obviously the old guys will need even more rest next year. Ainge has alot of work ahead of him if they want to even stand pat. The idea of expanding Jeff Green’s role makes me want to puke though. Let him earn that and I’ve seen damn little proof he deserves anything beyond the qualifying offer. Of course DA is still trying to save face after Presti fleeced him. Not blaming Danny for the way this year ended, but some of his recent moves really have me shaking my head.

  • I don’t know about fleecing. You want Rondo and Perk on the court at same time during crunch time? Are you comfortable paying those 2 $18 mil per year?
    I couldn’t see PP taking a seat over Green because come play offs you Green would have to have grown exponentially to start then. If he doesn’t come into form it would hurt his confidence to surrender his starting role to Truth.
    Instead let’s look at the minutes. Aside from marquee games Pierce should be reduced to 30 MPG. That leaves only 18 minutes for Green. Or does it? Add SG as where PP will play 6 minutes for Ray. That boosts Green up to 24 MPG. Any more would require PP playing less or being able to play at SG for more minutes (or Green playing at PF which is best to avoid).

  • Chuckle. No one but the dolts in the OKC media can seriously think Perkins is worth $9 large. It’s ridiculous.
    As for Green, anyone stop to consider that Danny might be talking him up for trade value?