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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics have a chance

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

For example, the 1988 Lakers, on fumes after their eight-year Showtime run, won their conference semifinal, conference final, and the NBA Finals all in seven games. They were tired, aging, and their chemistry had begun to wear thin. The Celtics appear to be in similar condition. You don’t hear about “Ubuntu’’ as much anymore.

The players are more demonstrative towards each other. Rondo is publicly rebelling against Doc Rivers and the play calling. Ray Allen wants the ball more. Paul Pierce is frustrated with the lack of precision in the offense. Garnett broods because he realizes he is not the player he was four years ago.

Together, however, the Celtics are still capable of greatness. Winning three in a row against what might be the most talented team in the NBA is a daunting task, but the Celtics will not end this run on their knees. They are too proud.

“If we can get this one game down in Miami, we’ll see what happens,’’ said Garnett. “We never lack confidence, and when our backs are against the wall is when we show great resilience. We’ll see what we’re made of.’’

Globe – Celtics have some fight left

I was hit with a lighnting bolt of optimism last night. The source… ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary "Four Nights in October" about the improbable Red Sox comeback in 2004.

Who is this team's Kevin Millar? The guy keeping it loose and spouting the "Why not us?" message in all corners of the clubhouse. I would say Glen Davis, if he wasn't a puddle. Garnett? Paul? Doc?

KG is right on the money. Get this one tonight in Miami and then you are right back in Boston.

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On Page 2, the key to victory.

The Heat, a star-studded team that is nevertheless as hollow as an Easter chocolate bunny, were most vulnerable when Garnett went against his nature and turned selfish with the ball. One game from elimination with Game 5 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series set for tonight at American Airlines [AMR] Arena, the Celtics must somehow convince Garnett that he can’t remain the Mother Teresa of basketball.

“We have to get him down there more,” said coach Doc Rivers, who spent much of Monday night imploring Garnett to attack.

Garnett only took a jumper-heavy 10 shots in just more than 41 minutes of play, and the low point total wasn’t necessarily because he was cold. After taking 20 shots in each of the previous two games, he turned into the world’s biggest point guard — a big man with the inclinations of Ralph Sampson.

“He was looking to be a passer more than an aggressive scorer, and that was that,” said Rivers, sounding as mystified as everyone else.

Herald – Selfish KG the key to Cs chances

Getting KG more shots in the post is the obvious solution to the Celtics offensive struggles. But what about Ray Allen? Aside from his 25 points in Game 1 (and the huge corner 3 ball late in Game 4), Ray has been quiet. He needs more shots. He's at his best when he's trailing Rajon Rondo on the break. Run, Rajon, run.

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  • Lex

    Using the 1980s Ls as an example. I like it. They earned the respect. Somehow the hatred, deep-seeded hatred, has turned to respect.

  • Lex

    Not the current squad of Ls and certainly not Jackzen.
    But Mag, Cap, and Jerry W. Even Pat Riley, though that one is still tough for me.

  • Pierce didn’t rebel against Doc’s play-calling (I’m assuming you’re referring to Game 4) he was pissed because the play wasn’t run! He waited for KG to come and screen him but when it got to 4 seconds he has to attack, cant hate on Pierce for that, it was KG & Rays fault for cocking the first motion of the play up.

  • And Ray is quiet because he’s having the same thing Pierce had vs. LeBron last year, or even worse I’d say. Wade is killing him on defense, Ray can guard Kobe, but Wade is just too fast, he’s continually killing him and dribbling past him at will and it’s draining Ray for offense. One positive from this is that Pierce is in such better shape than last year that he can not only stick around with LeBron (who despite playing with Wade is still pretty much the same guy as last year), that he can also still contribute and be effective on offense at the same time. A lot of this is KGs fault, he just needs to shoot the ball when he catches it, or go straight into a move, rather than catch, look for a pass, one dribble sidewards away from the basket then launch a contested shot. That was frustrating. Jeff Green has been great these last two games especially, great D and energy on offense. He’s still not quite where we need him but at least he’s coming out now. Delonte’s D on Wade last night was stifling, I hope he can keep that up and look for his own shots like he’s started to recently. We can still win this. If we take it to a Game 7 hopefully LeBron still isn’t there mentally (Bosh never was) and the Heat crumble and resort to being Wade-plus-others again, which we can beat.

  • No, LBJ and Wade somehow have found that balance and actually are beginning to compliment each other. But your other points are spot on — especially in Ray’s case. All series long Wade hasn’t given him that space when he curls off the down screens. So that explains why he is not getting as many attempts. KG is another story entirely and we’ll have to hold our collective breath and watch how he handles playing off a 41 minute night because he was 6 for 8 at the rim with 3 days rest, but with one day’s rest … 0-2 and muscled off the blocks in game 4.

  • Orb

    That’s a good point on the “who’s the Kevin Millar” on this team, there just isn’t one. Remember those great training camp videos of Nate running around like a goofball. Hell, even Semih was fun to joke with/at. Hopefully Shaq can try to keep it light, but at this point that whole locker room looks glum. They should hire a clown.

  • just figured this out, KG went from the Garnett’s of 2006 to the Juan Howard of 2012 in one day. must have been some cosmic riff?

  • C’mon West, let’s rock some KFC – hot sauce
    The Big Three know how to win one game, and I hope they are pissed off after Monday night. Doc can’t wait on Rajon if he struggles again, give Arroyo a potential spark. Davis is a complete liability, is Krstic the other option?
    But these three can still put it together for one game by doing exactly what Miami did to the C’s in G4 by just hanging in, hanging in, and stealing it late. Ray Ray, keep it warm tonight, he’s due.

  • When Danny made The Trade, it took the heart out of this team. The old guys felt older, the young guys felt lost, and the team didn’t know where it was headed anymore. But we can still win this thing. KG has to forget his age for three more games, Rondo has to forget his injury, and the rest of the Cs need to rise to the challenge. Why not make history?