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We have probably seen the last of Shaquille O’Neal

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You can call it a relapse if you want… the fact is that this was never going to heal properly.  At least not in time for him to contribute to this postseason. 

And with that, we have probably seen the last of Shaq.  I can't imagine him coming back and trying to play another full season.  I can, however, see him taking a buyout… not signing anywhere but not retiring either… and then trying to come back next March and give a team a few months of something.

Shaq's ability to rebound from this injury was clearly miscalculated by Danny Ainge when he made the Kendrick Perkins trade.  Shaq's return was important to bridging the gap between this season and next.  Luckily, Jermaine O'Neal has been pretty good since his return… so the C's have sort of survived.  But there's no doubt 15 minutes a game from Shaq would have been a big help in this series.  

So thank you Shaq for a brief, yet memorable stint in Boston.  Maybe we'll see you down the road somewhere in a brief comeback for another ring.

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  • Let the Ainge-bashing begin…lol. Big questions at the 5 position going into this offseason.

  • Yeah cuz its not his fault or anything…

  • I am actually not surprised that this is happening.
    Doc and Ainge saying to all of us that Shaq was getting better and he’ll be back in no time… Now he’s pretty much gone for the rest of the playoffs.
    Sorta makes me remember when KG got injured with those bone spurs and Ainge/Doc told people that he will be back in the playoffs.
    The lying is frustrating and trading away Perk might have been a bad idea. It was a risky trade, to be frank. I would have loved the trade if we got Green and Ibaka – instead of Krstic.
    Oh well. *sighs*

  • honestly i felt shaq was being a premadona and faking his injury. telling mngt this was his final run and to save him for a deep playoff push. clearly watching the last 2 games he’s absolutely been useless and immobile- too bad

  • It was sad watching a former force of nature so immobile out there. Really pathetic and depressing. He needs to go off and be a sheriff or a CEO or whatever it is he wants to be now…
    Actually, I hope he finds some ridiculous and self-aggrandizing way of announcing his retirement. Then the Shaq obituaries might overshadow the Pierce-Garnett-Allen-Rivers era obituaries, which I don’t want to be subjected to.

  • On the bright side, now he’ll have something in common with Bob McAdoo and Dominique Wilkins. Where is Sheldon Williams when we need him most?

  • Danny will be the easy scapegoat, but Perk trade is nothing more than a red herring. There’s never been any slippage defensively. He was not finishing games in crunch time, and would not be factor in this series since Miami plays small. Ironically all the drama about his paint presence vs. LA and Orlando is now moot.
    BTW … JO’s post season numbers (22m/6.1pt/4.5r/50%FG/+56) are better than Perk’s (26m/4.6pt/7r/43%FG/-14). So if Shaq is really done, and if JO decides to call it quits, and a buy out ensues, management will still be responsible for his 6.2m and Sheed’s 6.8m next season. Not sure how you can recover losing three centers to retirement and guaranteed money in a 2 year span.

  • Ah what could have been. Few years ago and who knows? You were a classy guy here Shaq. Keep your kicks handy for next March.

  • class guy.. wasn’t he caught sending some guy kiddie porn during training camp?

  • Of COURSE not.