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Recap: Excruciating loss caps a disappointing season


When did the Celtics become a team that couldn't finish? Did it start in Game 7 of last year's Finals? Whenever it started, it reached the apex in this series.

The Celtics led this one 87-81 with 4:15 remaining. The Heat closed the game on a 16-0 run. In an elimination game, the Celtics were held scoreless over the final 4 minutes. They missed makeable shots and had a couple of wretched turnovers. Excuse me while I patch the 7 holes I punched in the wall.

While I despise LeBron James, he was super clutch tonight. It seemed like all of his 5 three pointers came at key moments in the game. None more important than his last two.

KG started like a mad-man. But like I feared, he burned himself out. Twelve of his 15 points came in the 1st quarter.

Paul Pierce struggled with foul trouble all night. It all started with a dumb decision to foul Lebron on a breakaway in the 1st quarter.

Jeff Green is driving me mad. Here's what a friend texted me after the game:

Green could have punched Pierce in the face if he wanted to throw the game. A missed lay-up and a dropped pass to go with his turnstile D. Wonderful.

The officiating. Exhale. Jason Whitlock said it best with this tweet:

Can you believe these calls Miami is getting? Wow.

Rajon Rondo is in rough shape. It appeared as if his back was bothering him more than the elbow. I swear the kid was having trouble just breathing. During postgame, Mike Gorman reported that Rondo would have been out 6-8 weeks with the elbow injury.

On the bright side… Doc Rivers said that he's leaning toward returning next season.

"I'm leaning heavily to coming back… I probably will…I'm a Celtic and I love our guys…I want to win again here. I do."

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  • Tough to watch them lose with Rondo hurt. Now the fun starts what will Ainge do now?

  • Ainge is going to pull the trigger.
    The Celtics window has officially closed for the Big Three. We need healthier younger players. It was tough to see Green screw up so much but he’s just a kid who’s new to the system and trusting him to become clutch at the end was just too much pressure…
    Luckily, I prepared myself for this loss. I knew it was going to happen when Miami started their 16-0 run. Unfortunate loss which will end a disappointing Big Three era that was only able to win one championship out of a possible 3-4 championships. (sighs)

  • So much to little time. Game 7, last season, all over again.

  • I wish Pierce had been a little smarter on that second foul (it was the lebron break away in the first quarter). When you’re the team’s clutch player, it’s the first quarter and you already have a foul you give up the two points and let lebron have that lay up.

  • I’m pretty sure we have plenty of time.

  • Oh…this is painful, even though I pretty much expected them to not get out alive in this series down 3 to 1…but to see them fold in crunch time is excruciating.
    I can’t take rooting for such an old team any more. I am ready for the rebuild to start. Which brings up a question…is Doc the best coach for a rebuild? When he says he might be coming back..does that mean he wants to make another run with the Celts as currently constituted? I hope not. This team could very well put together a decent regular season record, but they will be toast at the end of the season, and will have an early exit. Not what celtic fans want to see at all. We want championships.

  • Pierce foul was dumb. Travel call on Big Baby mid 4th quarter was AWFUL. I credit Miami for clutch performance, but that call on Baby was just terrible. Not even close to a travel. Should have been And-1.
    Rediculously clutch 3’s by LeBron, but I have just about zero love for the guy. I have no team to root for now, but I definitely have a team to root against.
    Our bench was great. No complaints about starters or Doc. The guys gave it all and I am proud to love this team.

  • some ppl just dont get it

  • One more thing…
    In 2003, a pick-up game friend of mine asked which player in that year’s draft would turn out to be the best NBA player. I half-jokingly said Dwayne Wade. I guess I was right.
    For most of the game tonight, Wade dominated and LeBron choked. LeBron came up big at the end, and I do give him credit for that, but this is Wade’s team and he is hombre numero uno in Miami.

  • I’m gonna root for Dallas…would love to see Dirk get a ring, he is class and deserves one.

    It’s been real, folks.
    Losing sucks, but hey….
    See you next year (whatever there is of one)

  • Its time. Danny needs to do the deed. We must rebuild, hes got to find a way to do it and still compete.
    This was a painful, painful night.

  • I’m too dissapointed to say much right now, but I do hope DA is as aggressive this offseason as he was at the trade deadline.
    Glad they played hard and acted professionally, unlike the lakers. Wade is one of the best ever at his position. After MJ and Kobe, he’s the 3rd best 2-guard of the modern era, and a beast tomite.

  • I don’t know. I think Wade is the best I’ve seen. The guy is just so clutch. Every time he shot the ball, I felt like it was going to go in. It really was incredible and at the same time frustrating to watch as a Celtics fan. I tip my hat to that guy and hope Danny can make this team more athletic.

  • I’ll go along with that. I make a point every year to see Dirk play. I saw him twice this year (2nd time while on business in Utah). He rarely disappoints and always competes. If Butler comes back it would be a no-brainer for me.

  • I think we’re going to be stuck with the same core until the next offseason. The core will still be under contract next year and no team will want to trade for them. Ray Allen might be moved, but that’s about it.

  • To me, the single most important thing is Rondo’s shooting. Rondo must commit to working very, very hard on his shooting this summer. If he commits to that, we should commit to building the future around him.

  • I could see KG being valuable to a bunch of teams. Especially OKC, get KG’s defensive mindset installed into a younger team, teamed with Perk, perk would play better, and the whole team would get to benefit from playing a season in the KG defensive mind-set. And next season his would be an expiring contract as well.
    Only Celts that I would not consider trading would be Rondo and Pierce. Although any trade for the core players will be painful…will suck, no doubt.

  • I agree. If he elevates himself to even just a 70% FT shooter and establish just one, ONE 15 foot jumper (like on the elbow), he’ll make a leap like Derrek Rose. If he doesn’t, I fully support shipping him away for someone because it’ll be Year 5 and no progress at that point.

  • I’m slightly amused that BIGMCK kills Jeff Green on the final game. It took you 9 playoff games and 2 mediocre regular season months to finally see what he is?
    I’ll sum Jeff Green up with 2 words: Edgar Renteria. Good guy, talented, BAD fit for Boston.
    ..and by the way, don’t bitch about the officiating. This team put themselves (again) in this position by quitting in March and April.

  • Just want to thank you guys for the great coverage this season. You help a long-distance fan like me keep in the loop.

  • The heart break is it was just the last 4 min the C’s really fell apart. They led for the majority of the game. Too many whistles too many mistakes. Not the best supporting players to have in the last few min either. A lot of shaking up to do for this team to go ahead.The biggest joke was Shaq’s come back. How many games is Perk playing now?
    Wonder if KG or Ray will retire. Isn’t KG turning 36 next week. This playoff series has been really tough on him. KG fading into black to his LA crib?

  • Agreed!

  • Doc’s post presser comments…wonder if he was just speaking from an emotional rush just coming off a Loss. If KG or Ray retire Doc might move on too. Ray said he was a Celtic wonder if he gets traded he’ll just retire.

  • I was rooting for you Celtics fans, but its over now. So come have a seat next to me, and lets enjoy the rest of the playoffs. (not)
    Lakers fan

  • Boston fought hard. Tonight’s game was well contested though at no time could the C’s break through. They got up 7 early in the 4th and seemed poised to pull it off. Then the game couldn’t end soon enough…sigh.
    These rest of play offs will be all about watching Dallas go all the way for me. Real teams play in June. And this team gave us two roller coaster runs. Should this be it it was a fascinating time with this nucleus. Thanks for the wild memories and I look forward to what happens next.

  • Memories:
    Rehab Shaq, Waitin-on Green, Dough Boy Davis, Maybe Kristic, Forgetting Murphy, Where’s JO, That-a-boy West, So Long Perk

  • I’m just glad it’s over now, so I don’t have to sit on Pins and Needles every night wondering if someone else is going to get injured.
    The saving grace is that – at least I don’t have to continue paying for Playoffs tickets.
    Reality: Miami needed about 40 bad calls that went in their favor to beat 2/3 of the actual Boston Celtics. They should be happy they moved on, but not proud of how they got there. Beating a team with a 1 armed point guard, no Center to speak of, and with enormous amounts of terrible officiating in your favor in every game isn’t exactly an accomplishment.

  • yes, I really look forward to witnessing a laker-type meltdown of the MEami Heat in the next round.

  • I agree love this site!!

  • GH

    That would almost make it all worthwhile.
    Miami’s stars better not falter b/c they have nearly as bad a bench as Boston’s and Boston’s are all beat up.