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Its now or never, Glen Davis

Baby benchThis isn't a time for jokes. Its not a time of reflection… anger… anguish… It is time to get the job done, Glen Davis.

I saw your interview. You look lost… depressed. I get it. You feel like you're letting your team down. But right now we need you to forget it.

Your playoffs start right now. The Knicks series? Never happened. The Heat? This is going to be a hell of a Game 1.

Glen… you need to know that Boston is a forgiving city. We will love you forever if you put everything else out of your mind and get back to what you were. We will forget all of the missteps and miscues if you come out tonight and be the Glen Davis that takes charges, rebounds, and only takes the jumpers that come in the flow of a well run offense.

If you can just play the way you used to play, Glen, the Celtics will have a huge advantage.  The Celtics will be able to hold the Heat off, keep KG on the bench for an extra five minutes, and win Game 5.  If you can play like you used to play, Glen, the Celtics will ride your energy, along with that of the home crowd, and take Game 6.  And if you can play like the old Glen Davis, the C's might just pull this series off. 

I say that not to put any extra pressure on you, Glen, because you're not being asked to win any games for the Celtics.  You're just being asked to do your thing.  You don't have to do any more than that.  If you can just… do… your… thing… the end result will be wins.  

But if you try to do something else… be someone else… then it's over.  

So free your mind, Glen Davis.  Empty it out and just react.  You're a good basketball player.  And the Celtics need you right now.

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  • If he doesn’t wake the hell up, I hope he’s traded away to make room for Dwight.

  • This IS Glen’s last chance to prove himself or all of his accomplishments he has done for the Celtics will simply be forgotten.
    Every Celtic site out there are discussing trade possibilities with Big Baby already.
    Big Baby has given us a lot through the years, but this shit play he’s been giving the Celtics is pathetic.

  • He’s a free agent after this year. They can just let him walk

  • correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall, especially when had his little coming out party a couple years back in the playoffs, that the vast majority of his shots came when Pierce or Rondo would find him just cutting to the basket, or when his defender lost track of him. He was rarely missing his shots around the rim when this happened because of his agility. Now, the majority of his shots come when the Cs call his number for an iso and now that he is not hitting his jumper, the defender can just wait for him to back down and easily block his shot.
    I think if the Cs want to get him going they need to involve him in more pick and rolls and let him use his quickness and agility when the defense is out of position.
    So I don’t necessarily think it is his fault. He became the player he was because of his ability to sneak around and get open and now the Cs are asking him to do something completely different.

  • I just can’t think of what could’ve possibly went wrong w/this dude. He seems fine physically, no “off the court” issues that we’re aware of. But it just has to be something-I won’t settle for thinking that he just had a terrible 2nd-half of the year, and it carried-on into the playoffs. How do you go from this
    to this

  • At this point, with the Celtics playing into Miami’s hands with their small ball lineup, I would think Jeff Green’s time is now. KG-Pierce-Allen-Green-Rondo seems like the lineup they need to go with. Glen Davis is useless vs. a Miami lineup featuring Lebron at the 4.

  • Hit the nail on the head. Please God, let Baby be one of those guys who reads blogs. He doesn’t have to be the savior. He just has to be HIM and we’ll get this thing back to Boston.

  • I laughed reading this one. Is that sarcastic? I don’t think anyone would need to worry about making room for Dwight, let alone his potential back up.
    I don’t think they have any rights to BBD anyway.

  • It’s mind numbing. I remember the last few games when the Big 3 were resting Baby was putting up big minutes, but this goes way beyond fatigue and has been chronic. You can see if someone’s shot goes, but rebounds and charges I don’t get. But if it’s as quick to go, it can be as quick to come back right? Make it hot tonight Shrek!