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Doc: The guys are agitated

"We had a good film session [Tuesday] and guys were disappointed with the way we played in Game 4," said Rivers. "They thought, as poorly as we played, in our eyes, we still had a shot to win the game in regulation. When you gift a gifted team 18 turnovers — 28 points [off turnovers] — in the playoffs, you’re usually not going to win that game. Everyone was just agitated with how they played, how they performed, and how they executed. And they should be."

The Celtics appeared to run out of gas in Monday's overtime session and Boston's aging roster is again in focus as some wonder if that window of opportunity is about to slam shut.

"The good news with us is that we were older when we got together four years ago," said Rivers. "We’ve been old for a long time, we’re going to continue to be old. We’re not going to get any younger, but we understand that. We understood when we put our team together and we talked bout it the year we won [a world title in 2008]. Everyone was saying it was going to take a year and I was thinking, ‘We don’t have that. You just don’t know with health.’ Unfortunately, I was right because we really haven’t been healthy since that one year.

"But they have great pride and I think you’ll see that. I think I’ll enjoy the way we play.”

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The Celtics are winning tonight. I'm 100% convinced.

There isn't any news regarding Rajon Rondo. He's going to play. Doc says he oesn't know if Rondo's  feeling any better.

And this shocking development, courtesy ESPNs Rachel Nichols:

Interesting to see that tickets are still available for tonight's Game 5 between Miami and Boston

Bahahahahaha! What chumps…

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  • Hilarious. I remember discussing the destination choice of these three players and i said they would still have trouble selling out because Miami is just not a basketball town, it is not a sports town even. The worst writers in sports reside there, all their professional teams are jokes (i am a dolphins fan so i know first hand) and this is the place they picked? I guess they won’t be scrutinized for going there. I just find it funny D Wade runs his mouth about thanking them because they will sell out around the country, they can’t even do it at home.

  • I like the optimism but I have to say this… I gotta see it to believe it. The Celtics have played careless in their three losses against the Miami and I think it’s just Miami’s tough defense causing it. The chances of the Celtics winning THREE games in a row, playing consistent Celtic basketball without turning the ball over (Rondo is a pro at turnovers…) and playing better defense (Bosh getting 20 points is fucking inexcusable) and offense (KG, go to the damn paint!) is low.
    Anyways, guys… the Celtics seem exhausted so far… even if a miracle of Gods occur and the Celtics win this series, they will be completely pooped against Chicago/Hawks and even the West Champion (which I believe will be Dallas – and Dallas has the Celtics’ number).
    This is obviously not the year of the Celtics.
    Call me a pessimistic douche all you want but just make sure you think realistically or else you will break down in tears when the inevitable happens.

  • I hate to say this, but at this point, the X Factor for the Celtics is Big Baby.
    Where did this guy go? Where is that sweet jumper of his? His knack of being able to hit the paint and score? His ability to cause charges? This guy has been completely invisible so far in the postseason and he is one of the many reasons to blame for the Celtics losing these games that the Celtics SHOULD be winning.

  • They don’t have to win 3 games tonight. They have to win 1.

  • Garnett has to dominate Bosh and Rondo has to shine. We CAN win.

  • There will be a Rondo’ing tonight.

  • I’d like to believe, but we are just out-athleted in this series. Badly.
    And the poster child for unathletic pros is the round one, Glen Davis.